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Without emotion she relayed what had played out in the vision and Aunt Trin listened in earnest. She reclined back against the arm of the sofa and folded her hands together, the enormous jeweled rings clicking like castanets. Aunt Trin and her mother looked so much alike, from their creamy, clear complexions to their wide emerald eyes, but Storm marveled at how opposite their personalities ended up. Storm sighed as her mother sobbed loudly in the kitchen - very loudly since the dining room and a hallway stood between them.

Aunt Trin rolled her eyes, I will take care of her. I believe you have done your friend a service. She passed her mother on the way out of the parlor and heard Aunt Trin begin recanting the vision. Her mother cried harder. Storm knew that Aunt Trin would be holding her, stroking her hair in that same soothing way. She climbed the stairs to her room and readied for bed wondering what life had in store for her now that her mind had opened to the Sight. Storm sighed and brushed the memory away.

Looking around, she realized everyone had left. Storm was the last one standing — in more ways than one. Aunt Trin was gone. Aunt Trin who taught Storm about the visions, how to track and interpret them, and most importantly how to recover from the pain of one. Aunt Trin who was being lowered into the ground, the grinding of gears echoing through the graveyard.

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The stargazer lilies on the top of her coffin were wilting in the heat. She wondered briefly if the sheen gave the appearance of tears. Trin would have liked that. The tears simply would not come, they never had. Most people thought her heartless. Aunt Trin had told her time and again that there was a reason for her emotional paralysis. Two caretakers emerged from a truck with shovels and began filling the grave; burly men with sweat stains under their arms that spread in all directions across the gray polyblend jumpsuits. The larger man even had sweat lines down his back. Storm refrained from sneering as she approached them, her heels sinking into the soft soil with each step.

Could I have another moment, please? She loosed the belt of her jacket revealing the navy sheath dress beneath. Once they were out of sight, she knelt beside the grave and took a handful of dirt from the pile. With the other hand Storm reached into the pocket of her jacket and withdrew a vial. She cast them both into the grave, stood up, brushed herself off, and nodded toward the caretakers to proceed.

Storm felt their eyes on her as she walked away and pulled her jacket tightly around her, in spite of the sweltering heat. It was done.

She was free. Sort of. The visions would still plague her. Unless she could break the curse. Ryder closed the musty tome and placed it upon the cherry table beside him. A complex pattern of stone and grout, the fireplace ran floor to ceiling and covered more than half of the wall. Opposite the fireplace stood ornately carved double-doors with heavy wrought iron handles and matching hinges.

Aside from the doors and the hearth, the library walls were floor to ceiling shelves overflowing with tomes from every age of man. Ryder had read them all, retained most of the information, and continued to seek more. Unlike the majority of his brethren, Ryder understood that knowledge was the true power and any who could wield it would prosper. Ryder tilted his head, footsteps echoed in the hallway, heels judging by the click. They came to a stop just outside his door. Reaching into his pocket, Ryder withdrew a small strip of leather and tied his shoulder-length, raven hair in a low ponytail.

Light-Mantle of the Incarnate

The heavy oak door slid open slowly followed by the polished assistant he had been forced to hire to replace Keene. He refused to think about that now. Besides, Ryder found Angeline to be adequate, and certainly easy on the eyes. Her hair always upswept in a chignon, held in place with gold-plated chopsticks. She most frequently wore a black skirt suit with satin or silk blouses of various colors.

Tonight however, she had selected a kimono dress, brilliant blue with embroidered dragons whose heads met at the most opportune place. It is done, my liege. Angeline approached and handed him a blood red card the size of an invitation. A smile played across her mouth. The Hunters seek Keene as we speak and the girl is being followed. She has shown no signs of supernatural skill. Well done, Angeline. Notify me when the Hunters have located Keene. He does not matter much, provided the girl shows no signs. Ryder looked to the card, pasted on it was a death notice for Trin Sullivan, last of a gifted line of Seers.

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He exhaled, the gravity of the accomplishment setting in. Flicking his hand in dismissal he turned to watch Angeline leave. Such a sweet sight, surely she had no lack of suitors, though not his type. Turning the card over in his hands, Ryder pictured Trin as he knew her.

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Long flaming hair, bright green eyes full of fire and life, she had once been his greatest hope. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

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Storm Sullivan's life has changed more drastically than she could ever imagine. Married to an Immortal, mastering her unpredictable powers, and waiting for the onslaught of supernatural attacks, Storm has her hands full. Still, she truly wants to help Lucian, free him from the curse he's carried for centuries and of course, find love. Lucian has not been completely honest w Storm Sullivan's life has changed more drastically than she could ever imagine. Lucian has not been completely honest with his friends about why he showed up when he did, or why he chose to stay.

There is a lot he has not told them.

Not about his personal mission against the witches, not about the depth of his burden, certainly not about Sophia Bedeaux. Everything comes to a head when Lucian's past collides with his present and threatens all he has come to care for. If he can manage to trust in the power of the Emerald, Lucian could find his way out of the curse and back to the only woman he could ever love.

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Light My Fire Emerald Seer 2

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Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)
Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)
Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)
Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)
Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)
Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)
Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2) Light My Fire (Emerald Seer Book 2)

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