The Mysterious Bed

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Image: Marion When designing your bedroom lighting, you should first determine in what type of mood you can best relax, unwind, recharge in and then you can choose the LED or non-LED lamps and bulbs by taking that into consideration. Image: Joel If you wish to enhance the romantic feeling in your bedroom, choose a decorative pendant that functions as an individual piece of furniture in itself. Image: Madeleine You can even put a higher bedside lamp on the nightstand, which offers an elegant appearance and gives a prominent role to the area next to your bed.

Image: Meda Image: Flossi If you need a more focused light for reading, put a reading lamp on the side wall above the bed.

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By using our services, you agree to the use of cookies. Please click on the Accept button if you want to browse our website or on the Settings button if you want to limit the data provision of a statistical module. That's when, at around 3 a. There, hiding out in a box of pens in the girls' closet, was the mysterious houseguest — a chubby opossum.

Burch's disbelief at her daughters' account vanished. Now, she was mortified. Fortunately, the opossum seemed to know his secretive stay was over.

So What Happened to Water Beds? Their Disappearance and Return |®

He put up no resistance as Burch's husband carried him into their yard to let him go. The next morning he was still hanging around, evidently having decided that this tree out back was the next best thing to his former digs indoors.

It's unclear exactly how the opossum got inside the girls' room, or how long he'd been hanging around there, but his stay did little to turn the kids off to his kind. It's hard to blame Burch for her initial skepticism that a fairly large, fluffy animal was actually living in her daughters' room.

The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed
The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed
The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed
The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed
The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed
The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed
The Mysterious Bed The Mysterious Bed

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