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I loved the mystery surrounding Aunt Antonia.. It was absolutely confusing and i had so many unanswered questions that i kept asking myself,. It made me want to keep reading so i could find this stuff out! The world building was breathtaking and i kept wishing i could see this stuff for myself. The only thing i didn't like in this book was a teeny tiny part to do the with love interests; Eldric and Lucas.

Eldric is an intense character and i liked that a lot however i felt that Lucas was too perfect and there was no real story to him compared to Eldric. I can honestly say i like Jo and Eldric more than Eloise and Lucas,,,But i feel that i should have liked Lucas a little more because he is the main love interest of the main character, I did like him, i just felt there was no character development. All we know is that he's sweet, shifts into a hawk and loves Eloise.

That's it. Whereas with Eldric, we know that he broods, has mysterious and wicked smiles, he's in pain and feels lonely because he hates his Dad and has never met his mom. Nevertheless i loved this book and it has made me love this authors writing even more!! Awesome standalone! Alyxandra Harvey can do it all! He has vowed to protect her against the danger posed by Lord Strahan, the faerie king, who wants to use Eloise as a pawn in his battle to hold onto his crown.

I absolutely adored the relationship between the latter pairing as Eldric set my heart aflutter too. Everyone loves a bad boy! I loved the way that he seemed as drawn to Jo as she was to him, like a magnetic force which is out of their control and he always appeared just when she needed him. There are plenty of hot kisses between them and an undeniable spark in the air whenever they're together.

My only complaint was that I wanted to read more about them and I have my fingers firmly crossed that we may just see a sequel about them in the future.

Eloise and Jo are joined by their other best friend Devin who is right there by their side throughout the events of the story. Their friendship is rock solid and I liked the fact that even when they didn't necessarily agree with each others opinions or choices, they were always there to back each other up. I love the writing style of Alyxandra Harvey and the way she paints such vivid pictures of people and places that I always feel completely transported into the story.

There are also some fabulous passages conjuring up images of the realm of the fae which appears to be deeply magical as well as incredibly dangerous. Harvey had me hook, line and sinker, captivating me completely with her tale of blossoming love amidst the world of the fae.

This is another brilliant book by my current favourite YA Queen and I look forward to seeing what she'll turn her hand to next! Suddenly, her life becomes entangled with danger when she's told someone's out to get her and discovers she must resist all temptations in order to stay alive. After being kidnapped by Lord Strahan who wants to lure out her aunt Antonia, the next Queen of Faery, she immerses herself in a magical world where she can't trust anyone or anything A charming novel that's enjoyable for all!

The first thing that caught my attention about Stolen Away was the characters. With friends like Jo man-eater and Devin self-proclaimed hottie , El's life is far from boring although it's about to get a whole lot more complicated… Throughout the book, El's family and friends are largely involved with her kidnapping and release, working together to beat the impossible odds.

I loved how the story was told from two perspectives El and Jo , allowing us to experience two totally different journeys. The characters really made the book work, although I do wish we had been able to explore them and the world more thoroughly, as they remained very slightly two-dimensional. With two perspectives come two romances.

Yes, you read that correctly… Kidnapped El has a love interest, as does the main's character best friend, who, might I add, is quite amazing herself. I'll admit I loved Jo the most as a character and adored her love story! It was dark, seductive, dangerous and riddled with the types of complications you know you should avoid. Did I mention the mystery?

Have fun turning over some stones in that head of yours! Hot Rock Star Guy is like a maths equation Le sigh. Down in her prison cell, El's haunted by the other captured fae and the thoughts of her striking knight in shining armour, Lucas. They certainly have their sweet moments but they're not together nearly enough! While both romances were specked with insta-love, I managed to enjoy them for what they were ; Overall, an entertaining read by Alyxandra Harvey, whose Haunting Violet I adored.

It was great to reunite with her elegant style again and roll around in the troughs full of romance and humour. If I were to complain about anything it would be the ending. Even now I'm asking, "Is that it? Another few pages would've done the trick. But nevertheless, give this book a try if you're in the mood for a supernaturally fun read! Nov 16, Susan rated it really liked it.

Stolen Away is quite a spectacular tale of romance and adventure. It's a wonderfully written book that involves the mystical and entrancing world of the fey, filled with dangerous peril, heart-pounding possibly forbidden romance, and epic adventures that await the main protagonist. The fae world is not only enticing, but fascinating as well. Harvey's special care in creating such an amazing world that provides an earthy backdrop for her characters, and the originality of the story she tells Stolen Away is quite a spectacular tale of romance and adventure.

Harvey's special care in creating such an amazing world that provides an earthy backdrop for her characters, and the originality of the story she tells has introduced an interesting take on the world of the fae in general. One of my favorite things regarding the faeries and the different courts, was that the fae could shift into various animals and take on their forms.

The character's were well written and established. Even though Eloise was the main protagonist of the novel, Jo ended up being my personal favorite. I enjoyed the fact that she walked to the beat of her own drum and possessed so much spunk and just seemed very likable and fun. The bond of friendship that Eloise, Jo, and Devin shared made this book even more fun to read. Their loyalty to one another, went above and beyond at times and made them even more likeable.

Harvey did a wonderful job with character development and giving each of these character's their own sense of style and purpose, that possessed just the right amount of flare to have any reader falling in love with them. I appreciated the fact that there wasn't a love triangle introduced into this story, like so many young adult books tend to over-use.

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I think my favorite love connection to read about was the one happening between Jo and Eldric. They had a very interesting dymanic going on between them, because neither Jo or the rest of them can ever really know for sure whether or not Eldric will betray them or continue to help them.

Plus, there's something so forbidden about these two, that makes me appreciation them even more. It's almost hard to describe, but there's this burning snap, crackle, and pop of fire between them - the perfect mix of chemistry to balance the other one out. Stolen Away is a fast-paced, beautiful look at the world of fey, that will defintiely keep anyone who enjoys fantasy novels entranced. The world Harvey has created is not only magical, but is filled with such richness and splendor in the story it has to tell and the history of the different fae courts interwoven amongst.

Jan 09, Britney rated it really liked it. Her creative take on vampires captured me, so I was very excited to see what she would do with faeries. And I was very pleased with the book. To me, it wasn't quite as different as TDC, but it was just as enthralling. A sexy protector, fae that can shapeshift, a sexy, dark, mysterious boy, a kidnapping, a pint sized faery with an attitude, a sexy protector, a family secret, a sexy, dark, mysterious boy, a big battle, a sexy What's not to love?!

I'm a huge fan of this method! You get a first person POV but from different characters so you get to see what's going on in multiple places through multiple characters. Yes, you know I can't let you forget that! My favorite character is Jo, and I'm also quite fond of her sexy, dark, mysterious boy. Jo is one of the narrators, and she is kick butt. She likes poetry, and Victorian type clothing, pretty much anything male, and British slang.

I adore her! Eloise is a little more quiet, although still spunky, and she rocks the rockabilly look No pun intended. Ok, maybe a little one. She is fierce, and loyal, and totally into her knight-like protector who is also sexy, in case I hadn't made that clear earlier. I also really love Devin and Jasmine Eloise's spunky mother.

This book is full of really great characters! Feb 24, Jaime Two Chicks on Books rated it liked it. Stolen Away was a cute short read! Jo had me cracking up with her attempts at using British slang and her arguing with a faery the size of a flower.

I also Stolen Away was a cute short read! Isadora gave a long-suffering sigh, folded her arms over her chest, and refused to elaborate. She glared at me and I shrugged. You said so yourself. Troll king? Nov 28, Damaris GoodChoiceReading rated it really liked it.

Stolen Away is no different. The characters are all very funny and very easy to like. It has action, a cute love story between the characters and lots of humor. It has some similarities to her Drake Chronicles series, only with Faeries. Eloise has no idea that Faeries exist until one day out with her friends this boy walks up to her and literally gets on his knees in front of her. He tells her how he has finally found her and how she is in danger.

She thinks he is just some weird kid dressed in weird clothes playing some kind of trick on her. Soon this boy keeps showing up and keeps giving her the same warning and begs her to let him protect her. When she gets kidnapped, Eloise realizes that everything Lucas tried to tell her is true. Stolen Away is not a complicated story at all and the story moves at a great pace. You will fall in love with the characters and the new world Harvey introduces you too.

You will also laugh and smile a lot throughout the story. If you liked her Drake Chronicles series, then you will definitely fall in love with Stolen Away. I would love to read a standalone of Eldric and Jo. Eldric was a nice mystery that I had to solve. I had no idea whose side he was really on. This is a really good book! I recommend it! View 1 comment. Jan 05, Jenny hades2 Chocolate Chunky Munkie rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , review-books-arc.

I have to say I am really getting into these kind of books. Anyway back to Stolen Away, it was a fairly good book and the story was certainly exciting in places. It has certainly made me want to read more books on fairies and also I would like to try more books by this author. One of my concerns was that I was a little confused at times with the dual narrative, I kept getting the two female characters mixed up and had to keep going back to see who the character was. The two main characters are Eloise and Jo, they both have different experiences of the Fae but both of them have a love interest.

Also at times the story seemed to fall a bit flat. A couple of times I really had to pick the book back up otherwise it was in danger of staying unread. Although not gripping read, it did have moments of glory. I felt there was no one character that stood out for me, they all seemed to lack depth. I love a good complex character, and I certainly like to see character development throughout, this did not happen for me in Stolen Away.

However this book does have some good points, I liked the setting both in this world and the Fae world. The description of the surroundings was certainly a plus for me. The style of writing is also good, it is an easy reading style and one I certainly felt comfortable with. I wish this book was not a stand alone; there was certainly room for another one as there were questions left unanswered.

Shame really. Thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for the opportunity to read and review this book. Jun 02, Princess Bookie rated it really liked it Shelves: read My Thoughts: Stolen Away is told in two different prospectives. First, we have Eloise whom the book is about. Than we have her best friend Jo who falls for the bad guy. A guy who is supposed to be against Eloise. Eloise has spent her whole life with a glamour hosted on her to protect her from the world of fairy but over time it wears off and now she's likely to being seen.

Her aunt has been the faery queen for many years and her husband is looking for a new wife.

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Someone in the same family line. H My Thoughts: Stolen Away is told in two different prospectives. Her aunt is the only one who can break it. Eloise gets kidnapped and than goes after the king, to take him down. With the help of Lucas, who is sexy by the way and Eldric who is the king's son she goes on her way to freeing her aunt and destroying the king's reign.

She must enlist other fae to help her fight a long the way. Honestly, this one sounded really great and I enjoyed reading it a lot but it still wasn't as great as The Iron Knight. I think that is probably my favorite book based on fairies. It would be very hard to top that series though. Stolen Away didn't have a lot of depth, half the time I wasn't sure quite what was going on and I had to sit back and think, so what just happened?

It was a really good book but just not as great as other fairy books out there. Overall: I enjoyed reading it a lot but not a 5 cupcake fairy book in my eyes. Would I recommend it to other people? Could it become a series? Sure, but I think it would be better as a stand alone and if the ending was just left alone.

Cover: The cover is gorgeous, has a lot of colors. Jul 01, Faye rated it liked it Shelves: fae. Stolen Away took me back to why I've always loved Harvey's books. It I really liked reading Harvey's take on the Fey. If you've read Harvey's other books you'll also know that she creates very strong friendships bonds.

They're strong-brave YA female characters, who always have each other's bac Stolen Away took me back to why I've always loved Harvey's books. They're strong-brave YA female characters, who always have each other's back, the ideal besties.

It's really a good vs. Eldric comes from a"brokin home" I understand his character, while Lucas on the other hand is like the "golden boy. The writing as always with Harvey was perfect; I'm so use to just breezing through her books but the pacing was a little roller-coaster-y; fast at the beginning but towards the middle it seemed to drag a little then the pace picked but up in the end.

But that was just because Harvey had a lot of background to cover with Elise's family and such. Stolen Away is a fantastic faerie adventure with a double shot of romance. Alyxandra Harvey always makes me laugh with her sarcastic humor. These two best girl friends are hilarious, and their romances are an adventure in itself with the two gorgeous fae guys. I love the way Harvey writes.

Her stories are a fun adventurer with characters full of personality.

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I know when I read one of her novels to sit back and enjoy the hilarious fun. She just has Stolen Away is a fantastic faerie adventure with a double shot of romance. She just has that amazing talent in her writing for making you laugh. Eloise and Jo are best friends, and they are total opposites. Eloise is tee shirt and jeans while Jo is into long skirts and filly blouses. But these two a true best friends and when Eloise is kidnapped by the Unseelie King, Jo is right there to rescue her.

But what starts out as a rescue mission for Eloise turns into them going to war against the Unseelie King to save Eloise's aunt Antonia, who just happened to be the Unseelie wife. Let alone the gorgeous new guy Jo is crushing on, who is the Unseelie King's son, Eldric. Then we have Eloise's gorgeous shining Faery in armor, Lucas, the son of the Seelie King, who has come to save and protected her.

Lucas and Eldric are just as opposite as the girls are. Lucas is there in front to fight for the girl he loves while Eldric is trying to hide and get the girl he loves to just run away with him. Both these guys are swoon worthy and I love them both. Stole Away is double the fun, double the romance, double the adventure, double the sassy girls, double the gorgeous guys, with a few heart tender moments. I recommend Stole Away as a fantasy fun must read. Feb 06, DayDreamer rated it liked it. It was readable. I feel as if Jo's POV could have been cut out of this entirely. It's a fast-paced book.

I enjoy more dialogue than description, but sometimes this book moves way too fast. It was rushed in places, as if the author wanted it over and done with I know the feeling. Quite often it read: And then this happened. And then this. Insert lots of dialogue a It was readable. Insert lots of dialogue and repeate cycle. So yeah, kind of under-developed at times. She found she had been wrongly listed as an involuntary bankrupt eight years after falling victim to ID fraud.

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