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van Graan, Vincent im Namibiana-Buchangebot

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USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Cape Town Then and Now is a unique visual portrait of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, contrasting rare archival photographs with stunning contemporary views. These images portray the changing Cape Town scene from the s to the s — landscape, architecture, transport, recreation and the march of history.

Where possible, the modern-day photographs, which include spectacular aerial panoramas, have been shot from the same locations as the originals. Detailed captions explain the differences between the old and the new views, and bring out fascinating continuities over time. Cape Town Then and Now is a visual journey that will appeal to Capetonians and visitors alike. Product Details About the Author.

Cape Town Cops Are Punishing People For Using Too Much Water (HBO)

He manages a professional photographic lab in Cape Town, and specialises in large-format, fine art editing and printing. Cape Town Then and Now is the product of his abiding interest in old glass-plate negatives and photographs. Philip Massie links his professional and personal life through a love for photography. His interest in marine photography began the multimedia project Scuba Sodwana. Later, an interest in surf photography led to a position with Thomson Reuters. Nowadays h Anne Clarkson is a professional researcher and genealogist with a worldwide client base.

Physical and human geography

She is a regular contributor to UK genealogical journals, and is also the editor of Alderson Roots, the journal of the Alderson Family History Society. The Aerial Perspective is the brainchild of pilot and photographer Ant Allen, who has been flying and shooting creative and technical images since Having first learned to fly and shoot from paragliders, and then progressed to fixed-wing aircraft, he formed The Aerial Perspective www.

For creative and low-level work, their preferred platform is the powered paraglider. Show More. Average Review. The street was named after Charles B Adderley, a member of British Parliament who fought against the British appeal to turn Cape Town into a convict colony or place for prisoners to be sent. On 13 October , Adderley Street got its first electric lights. Today the street is very popular place for tourists to visit. It has also been home to flower sellers for over years. Adderley Street Christmas shopping in Image source.

During Christmas time, the street comes alive with decorative Christmas lights that locals and tourists love to come and see.

The Freedom Swim: from Mandela’s Robben Island to the Cape Town shore

Adderley Street festive season lights Image source. The above images show Adderley Street through different periods of history. Learners can gain information about local and present history by investigating the pictures. Possible questions to ask: What do you see in each picture?

When was each of the pictures taken? How can you tell which picture is the oldest and the newest? Describe what is happening in each picture? What do you notice about the people in each picture? What differences do you notice about the pictures: clothing, technology etc.?

Cape Town Then and Now by Vincent Rokitta van Graan | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Have you ever been to Adderley Street during the festive season? The First Cape Town cycle tour in Image source. Currently the event attracts cyclists from all over the world and is the largest individually timed cycling event on earth. Cape Town cycle tour in Image source. By analysing the two pictures above, as done with the previous example, learners can learn about the history of a local event. Describe what is happening in each picture. What differences do you notice about the pictures: clothing, technology etc?

Have you ever been to the Cape Town cycle tour and seen the cyclists, or do you know anyone who has participated? One of the easiest ways to learn about our history is through looking at what has been written about it. The below example uses an article from South African History Online, however, a recently written piece can be used to learn about a present situation. Learners can read the article and answer the questions that follow.

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Possible questions: What is the article about? When did the Rugby World Cup start?

The character of the city

Which country hosted the event? Which two teams played in the final? Which country won the final? Why was this important for South Africans at the time? In your own words, what have you learnt about the history of South Africa from this article? In history, sometimes we do not have written records or pictures to help us find out information about the past, only the objects left behind. These objects are called artefacts. The word artefact comes from the latinarte meaning skill and facere meaning to make, so all artefacts are made or were used by man.

Cape Town Then and Now Cape Town Then and Now
Cape Town Then and Now Cape Town Then and Now
Cape Town Then and Now Cape Town Then and Now
Cape Town Then and Now Cape Town Then and Now
Cape Town Then and Now Cape Town Then and Now
Cape Town Then and Now Cape Town Then and Now

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