The Other Side of Life

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Indeed, what is refreshing about this album is that the performances sound genuine as though Stefan van de Sande is right there in the same living room as the listener, creating a feeling of intimacy between himself and the audience. After listening to this album several times over the last few weeks, it is my pleasure to review it song by song. But is it just a simple song about a bird?

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The Kingfisher is notably a symbol of peace and associated with a promise of abundance of new warmth, prosperity and love. Perhaps Stefan wishes all these virtues on his audience through this song.

St. Helena Catholic Church - The Other Side Of Life - April 29,

This is the first time on the album we hear the soothing supporting voice of Jolien Damsma as she sings solo parts and beautiful duets with Stefan. She was busy with fundraising to make it possible to build a hospice but ironically was not given to say goodbye, she became ill and died suddenly. This song is a journey through the mourning process that anyone might experience after losing a family elder.

This is a song of transition and of new beginnings. Stefan sings about fire being on the other side of winter and after the ice has melted, then he will cross the sea — that is, after hardship and turmoil, he will begin his journey to better places and progress to a more hopeful and positive state of mind.

The Moody Blues - The Other Side Of Life

Stefan makes references to the beauty of nature to distract us from the negative aspects of life and turn us towards the positive. We may not have total control over violence and poverty in our troubled world, but we can choose to focus on appreciating the peace and beauty of nature. Negativity and powerlessness is lessened as Stefan delivers us into the healing hands of nature. He sings of snow melting in the Spring and. Perhaps it is futile to overthink why we love someone.

Moments like watching TV, drinking a beer, going to dinner with your mother, chatting about the past, the present, the future and how time is moving too fast - continuously emphasize the everyday customs of being human and the uniqueness of moments that are not mundane but change our lives forever. One could even say she lives on 'The Other Side of Life' from him, the exciting side of life.

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That is just how I see this song anyway. Not sure if that was the intended meaning behind the song, but regardless it makes me love the song even more. This is almost identical to a situation with myself and an old friend of mine. Unfortunately, in that situation I play the role of the writer. No Replies Log in to reply.

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There was an error. She's moved on to the other side of life. He can't move on and laments what they once had. Beautiful song in so many ways. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Japan Lyrics.

How Moody Blues Mounted a Comeback With ‘The Other Side of Life’

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The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life
The Other Side of Life The Other Side of Life

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