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There is so much going on in this story besides the relationship of Vicente and Violet. There are lies, secrets, and truths uncovered on both sides of the families. I loved that this story kept me on my toes. It was unpredictable and highly entertaining. There was just enough action and suspense mixed with the romance and steam. Black Hearts is a captivating and unputdownable read. After that ending, I'm dying to know what happens next! I'm so grateful Karina isn't making us wait long! View all 37 comments. The characterization?

The characters? Real as they come. I love how she makes you understand, accept and love their virtues and flaws. And I love how she makes them grow throughout the story, how they learn about themselves, bit by bit. She gives readers a strong sense of characters' personalities and complexities; her characters are vivid, believable and alive 4 stars Why did it take her so long to write another dark book? She gives readers a strong sense of characters' personalities and complexities; her characters are vivid, believable and alive.

Favorite character? He is a bit too hard, too sleek, too short, too cunning, too snakelike for my taste. But Vincente? God, he makes my heart do somersaults. Tiger eyes. A hint of vulnerability, naivety and fragility hiding under the hard exterior. The writing? The tone? The story? Lies, lies and more lies. The ending? Bring on the next book. Redmerski, Hitman series by Jessica Clare View all 95 comments. Over and over and over again. In a way I never imagined. He made me step away from myself.

He pulled me out of that prison. He made my weaknesses my strengths. He made it raw and beautiful. Get ready to meet the sexy bad ass Hero with an edgy dark side—Vicente Bernal!! Vicente is in San Francisco on a supposed vacation but he has a secret agenda, find the woman who is the only person to ever one-up his father, Javier Bernal.

But when he lays eyes on Violet McQueen, all bets are off. Violet is the daughter of Camden and Ellie. She is a very sensitive young woman who tends to keep her inner turmoil hidden from most of her loved ones. Vicente grasps at an opportunity to meet her when he follows Violet after she leaves her photography class at the university she attends.

Pretending to be interested in signing up for her class, he is able to strike up a conversation with Violet. She is instantly intrigued by the sexy stranger and agrees to go out for coffee with him. Soon enough these two end up getting entangled in one seriously steamy affair. Vicente gets Violet to step out of her comfort zone and take risks she normally would steer clear of. For the first time in her life, she is feeling exhilarated and also like she has a true connection with Vicente that she has never felt with anyone else before.

While deeper feelings start to evolve between the two lovers, it would seem as though their relationship is doomed as there is no end to the list of people who are against their union. Amazon: bit. View all 29 comments. I myself shamefully have not read the Dirty Angels books or completed TAT and can honestly say I was able to read and enjoy this book just fine. Black Hearts is the story of Violet McQueen, a young woman in her second year of photography school who is beginning to discover her family is 4.

Black Hearts is the story of Violet McQueen, a young woman in her second year of photography school who is beginning to discover her family is not everything she thought it was. While uncovering secrets she meets a man named Vicente, who has a silver snaked tongue and is obviously interested in her. And Vicente finds himself doing something he never expected… falling in love with Violet.

Violet is a character with a sensitive nature, and it makes her more intuitive than others. My favorite part about this book was how it kept me guessing. Guessing at what would come next, how characters would react, and whether things would go as I predicted. A suspenseful read, I think this is a book all readers could enjoy.

View all 38 comments. Feb 17, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , can-t-hardly-wait , love-this-author , buddy-read , rich-hottie , gangster , high-steam-alert , maffia-love. It can cause all our demons to go away. Anyone who has read The Artists Trilogy is going to want to pick up this bad boy right now! But does he have what it takes?

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Her parents have always showered her with love and given her the freedom to express hers "Love is a funny thing. Her parents have always showered her with love and given her the freedom to express herself. As a college student studying the art of photography, Violet has lived a sheltered life.

When a stranger appears in her life at the same time that her family security begins to deteriorate, Violet's life is shifted off of its axis, and only Vicente can keep her anchored to the ground. The Cartel requires a man of strength and undeniable fury to run the business. Vicente has decided to seek out Violet McQueen the daughter of his father's failed conquest. However, when Vicente sets his sights on Violet the plan quickly shifts into something much bigger.

The connection between Vicente and Violet transforms from lust to love, and both are quickly shaken by their undeniable desire to be together. Vicente might be strong and ruthless as his father, but is he capable of holding on to Violet and surviving the wrath that is to come? Such a desperate little bird.

2. The Hidden Cost

The draw to these characters is unique due to the history already established between Javier, Camden, and Ellie in the Artists Trilogy. I had high hopes for this spin-off duet, and Karina certainly delivered. Vicente and Violet's connection was rather fast and yet, the passion was intense, and the intimacy between them was authentic and believable. Violet is like a drug to Vicente and every time they come together I thought my Kindle was going to catch on fire. The writing is so descriptive that I felt as if I was experiencing every single moment with these characters.

The combination of the picturesque setting, intriguing plot and my undeniable love for these characters make Black Hearts a must read! Being swept back into the world of Javier, Ellie, and Camden through their children was quite a ride, and I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion of Vincente and Violet's tale. With Ms. Halle writing, I am certain it is going to be epic! WAR is with us in spirit! View all 19 comments. When she meets a dark, handsome stranger, she feels like she has finally met someone who understands her, and not only does he make her feel special, but he teaches her to follow her instincts and be who she needs to be.

Vicente Bernal has been the next in line for the throne of his father's cartel since the day he was born, but he wants to make his mark, and rule by his terms. Before he succeeds his father, he sets out from Mexico to San Francisco to take the ultimate prize back to prove his worth, only he wasn't counting on finding a beautiful woman who speaks to his soul.

And he knows it. I have been anticipating this book since the end of her last dark series back in and I can tell you that it did not disappoint; it was sexy, suspenseful, and thrilling - I cannot wait for the conclusion, I can tell without a doubt that it will be explosive! No Mexican travels without it. Top rec for lovers of dark and sexy reads. Black Hearts is a romantic suspense, and the first of a duet, told from dual POV. Dirty Souls is the concclusion ARC gratefully received Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites.

View all 24 comments. After reading the last book by this author, Dirty Promises, which was the only one I have totally disliked by Karina Halle, I had extremely high hopes for Black Hearts, which is part of a duet and a spinoff of the other 3 Trilogies. Well, to be honest - I more than disliked this book!!!! I'm going to keep this short The main characters: Vincent Bernal: Javier Bernal's son. What a horrible creature. So, his life has been pretty so not amazing But seriously Did he not learn anything good from his mother and father???

Well, certainly not!! He kills the two men who his father sent to keep an eye on him in San Francisco, without batting an eyelid!! The lack of respect and the violence he displays towards Violet, the heroine's mother, is absolutely unacceptable. He has no compunction of lying, cheating and deceiving people.

Violet McQueen: Ellie and Camden's daughter. Okay, she has reason to be angry at her parents for lying about their past but is it right for her to behave the way she does in retaliation. Forget the love they have shown her all her life She allows him to turn her against the very people who love her!!! The Plot: I found the story a bit too unbelievable!!!! I also could not believe that Violet, who is supposedly innocent and sheltered, suddenly allows a man she meets a day or two before, to blindfold, tie her and photograph her nude!!!!

And please Javier is still holding a grudge against Ellie for choosing Camden over him Get a life!!! I really hated Javier in this story!! And his wife, Luiza Okay, so I will probably read the next book, Dirty Souls, because I want to know where the author takes the story to I know I am in the minority here about this book!!! So, let me just add I didn't get it But let me say View all 12 comments. Vicente Bernal grew up in Mexico as the prodigal son of a drug lord. He wanted 5 Stars!

He wanted proof that his father once had a soul. He convinces his parents to allow him to travel to America for the next couple months. Vicente has a plan that goes off track when he meets the daughter of the woman he's come to see. He then wonders if the daughter could be his way to get close to the mother. The problem is he wasn't prepared for the beautiful, intriguing Violet McQueen. Violet McQueen meets a gorgeous, Hispanic man with amber eyes.

He's absolutely stunning and she instantly wants him. He's strong, confident, and once he touches her, she's done for. She is addicted to him. She's completely consumed by him and in the moment when they're together. Violet soon starts to realize her parents aren't who she thinks they are. The only person that she feels safe with is Vicente. He just gets her. Violet was never part of the plan. Vicente is feeling things for her that scare him, and complicate everything.

To stare at her from afar is one thing. To see her up close is another. And what she wants is me. I'm so fucking angry that my heart feels something for her. That she's getting under my skin. That she's making me question who I am. I can't get enough of him. He occupies my thoughts, my body, my heartbeat. Black Hearts is the first book in the duet. Like father like son, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. What I adored about Vicente that I felt made him stand out is his heart.

I feel he will choose love in the end. I can't wait for the next book in the series! View all 16 comments. Picture me hanging my head in shame for not having read them yet. Violet is a photography student in her second year. She lives with her parents in an upscale area in San Francisco, the Haight Ashbury district.

For the longest time she has had the feeling that something doesn't mesh with her family. She can't pin it down but she knows it has something to do with her parents. An envelope she isn't supposed to open, containing an article she isn't supposed to read only deepens the feeling that Violet lives in a house of cards built on lies.

Vicente is the prince of one of Mexico's most influential drug cartels. He doesn't want to be his father's heir but it is ingrained in him. Although he doesn't even like his father a lot Vicente strives to impress him nonetheless. A plan to bring in the one person his father let go takes him to San Francisco. Going through the daughter to get to Ellie seems like a good idea but he didn't count on the effect she would have on him.

He is enthralled, utterly obsessed with her, and soon his own lies and secrets start to haunt him.

But after just having a drink with Violet, watching her expressive dark eyes trying to take me in, to make sense of me, opening herself just enough, I was hit with this raw, hot need to make her mine. To have. To hold. To possess. Violet's growth into herself is beauty. She is a little bit shy in the beginning.

People tell her she is too sensitive but that trait actually gives her a heightened intuition. It's this gut feeling that has her on edge with her parents. With Vicente's help she develops a sense of self worth and even defiance. He helps her to live in the moment and to get out of her head. And yet for all her softness and kindness and bleeding heart, I want to make her stronger, better. Something more like me. Vicente's chapters give a lot of insight into the works of his mind, yet he is still an enigma to me. He is ruthless - like father like son - but there is an underlying yearning to connect with people.

He is cruel and driven, he kills without remorse. Still, there is a softness to him you wouldn't expect. But let's not forget that he is the son and heir to a cold blooded drug lord. And still he didn't take his father's brilliant and manipulating mind into account. Violet is adventurous and Vicente pulls out all the stops he has in his repertoire of seduction. Black Hearts is an amazing start to a this duet.

Karina Halle's writing is compelling as always. She builds in twists and surprises which keep you guessing until the end of this first installment. The characters are multilayered and colorful. This is a gripping and in parts dark tale and I am so looking forward to the conclusion of this little series - I am sure that Ms. Halle won't disappoint.

Just you. Only you. Fill me with hope. Make my heart swell. How scary it would be for all of this to stop, to fall apart. View all 47 comments. Feb 16, Lo Bookfrantic rated it really liked it Shelves: f-br , arc-review-ng , hitman-mafia , i-like-it-dark-twisted. One day she meets a man that caught her attention. He was mysterious extremely hot and she found herself trusting him more than she should any other stranger. He wants answers about his father and will not stop until he finds what he is looking for.

Vicente flies to California in hopes he could find answers to his questions. He did not foreseen finding a gorgeous girl that he so easy found possessive over. He also wanted the power and take over his father's empire but on his own terms. I could understand the internal struggle she was going thru with trusting her family but losing trust due to lies and she found herself conflicted with her feelings towards doing what's right for her family and what she felt inside.

This book was a very fast pace read, it had a combination of suspense and mystery. So many questions had me pulling my hair I wanted to know what was going on and couldn't read fast enough. We do get to see characters from several other series thought and I wish I would have read those books now because I did found myself a little bit confused at times so I personally recommending reading prior series to get a more full understanding of this story.

I liked Violet and Vicente's chemistry however I kind of felt something was missing with them too I don't know if it was the secrecy on the story but I couldn't connect one hundred percent but the story itself was very intriguing. However; I am super excited for the next installment of this duet and can hardly wait to find out how this is going to end.

Readers of mafia and dark romance will find this book appealing. View all 11 comments.

And I know that he's the man who will take my fear away. By replacing it with another fear. A good fear. First of all because it's Karina's and she is one of my top favorite authors and secondly because it's about Vicente, Javier's son.

Secret Sins

So you can imagine my excitement when I started reading it! And trust me this is another awesome story from Karina!! Karina delivers a brilliant ,compelling,dark,super hot,erotic and sensual story! Vicente and Violet's romance was scorching hot,intense and passionate. These two have an amazing dynamic, they both found what each other needed most. I loved the mystery around the story and I'm so excited for the next book, I can't wait to see what Karina has in mind for us! Shelves: romance-love , criminals , mystery-suspense.

As a photography student, her passion was to see things from a different perspective, but when it came to her own family, it wasn't as easy. Finding out she had been living in a lie was a hard blow to her, but someone new in her life could help her forget and move on. Vicente Bernal grew up surrounded by power and violence. As the son of one of the most respected and feared Cartel boss, he was groomed to take over the reign, but he rather carve his own path. Finding his father's secret past became his motivation for the future he envisioned.

However with the history between their families, it could either make them stronger or completely break them apart. And now with his son getting the spotlight, it got me curious. Being his father's son, Vicente had the characteristics of what made Javi such a great character.

He had the sexiness, the charm and the manipulative behavior - albeit only to a certain degree. But he also had something else that set them apart, which still to be proven as strength or a weakness. A contradiction. I find Violet to be annoying at times. However, she had something within and it would be interesting to see how she'll explore that next. I won't say much about the story but it seems to be quite open and could go to either directions.

On the surface, it looks like it's going to the direction I'd be happy with. I want to be surprised but without it making me unsatisfied lol! Because the only ones who can hurt you are those you love, and they in turn are the only ones you can hurt. Black Hearts is a story of ambition and aspiration between a couple and their rivaling families.

Feb 22, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: i-like-it-dark-and-twisted. Feb 15, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star , arc-or-netgalley , books , february This book was everything I had hoped for when I found out the children of two of my favorite series were going to hook up for their own mayhem. She's always felt they were hiding their past from her and her brother.

Her parents sheltered her from their sins by letting her believe lies about their past. Where the prince c YES!!!

Welcome to Beatport

Where the prince can become the king. Vicente doesn't want to be in his dad's shadow. He wants to be his own man. He has also been sheltered but not in the same way as Violet. He knows his parents aren't good people. His shelter came in the form of bodyguards to protect to his life. Vicente heads to America to learn more about the woman who beat his dad at the con game.

What Vicente didn't expect was to fall for her daughter, Violet. I love Ms. Halle's darker books. She's really in her element when she enters this world. And the follow-up book sounds amazing. It looks to be a little grittier with what to come with this couple. Book 2, Dirty Souls , is scheduled to release in March This duet series can be read as a standalone series. Black Hearts and Dirty Souls are set 20 years in the future and our the children of the characters from Artists Trilogy and Dirty Angels. View all 15 comments. Feb 21, Jayme rated it really liked it Shelves: abuse , dirty-mouth , erotic-romance , mafia , smokin-hot-sex , cliffhangers , crime-suspense , omg-moments , forbidden-love , dark-romance.

There is no way to not want to read the next part after that. You will definitely like it if you enjoy dark hot romances. About the plot: Violet McQueen felt her whole life, that things aren't quite what they seem in her family. She has a good life, but the secrets are hanging in their house like a dark cloud. When she meets Vicente in front of her school, not even suspected that their meeting is not accidental. Vicente Bernal is a son of infamous cartel's king. He wants to take over f 4,5 stars. He wants to take over from his father, but under his own terms.

So when he finds the documents that can help him, he decides to go to California and check out the woman his father once had feelings for. But instead, he will find someone he didn't expect at all. It wasn't easy to figure out. Many secrets and twists and you don't know how it supposed to work out. For a long time I did not know what to think about Vicente. Be ready for the savage anti-hero.

He was ravishing and delicious, but his intentions are not always clean and clear. Definitely thanks to him, your dirty minds will enjoy wild, adventurous and scorching hot scenes. And lots of them! And it was interesting to be able to read this story from many sides, but that also made the plot was developing too slowly sometimes.

This forbidden love story will not let you sleep until you reach the last page. It has connection to the earlier books, but you can safely read it as standalone. For instance, I never read this side of Karina, and perhaps this made it even more surprising reading. But I envy all those who have the time to read all these books. I think it's worth it, like really any other novel under Karina Halle 's pen.

Thank you! View 1 comment. Dec 23, CC rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , darkish-to-depths-of-hell , mafia-underworld-assasins , oozing-sex-appeal , action. Having been labeled as a sensitive person, it was easy to feel self-conscience and she learned to distrust her instincts.

Determined to get his answers to 4. Determined to get his answers to the questions he seeks, Vicente heads to California in hopes of digging up a hidden past. Or should. My hands grab the back of his neck, feeing the strength in his straining muscles. While Vicente is influenced by his upbringing, he is still very much his own individual character and is driven to prove such is the case. With Violet, she is also a product of her parents, but Violet sets herself apart in asserting her strength and also embracing her weaknesses. Adding to their experiences are the secrets that have been kept hidden over the years, but there those who wish to expose all for their own gain.

With the timeline occurring twenty years after the Artist's Trilogy and Dirty Angels series ends, the integration of well-known characters with the new generation feels seamless. As always, Karina Halle stays true to her characters and her ability to engage her readers at multiple levels prevails in her newest release. Black Hearts is a story about how lies and deceit can protect and harm those you love. I highly recommend!! View all 25 comments. But after reading Black Hearts this is what I've gathered: 1. Vincente is the son of Javier - who runs a drug cartel in Mexico - and is next in line to take over.

Vincente and Javier don't really get along and Vincente wants to separate himself from his father and his ways. He wants to be free to ru "Didn't your father ever teach you that love is what gets you killed? He wants to be free to run the cartel as he pleases. Violet is the daughter of Ellie and Camden.

Ellie had a relationship with Javier in the past which apparently did not end well. Vincente sets out to find Ellie once he discovers her past relationship with his father as a way to gain information and an advantage over him. This is when he meets Violet and is immediately attracted to her. He knows she can't know who he really is. He knows he should stay away from her.

But as hard as he tries and okay he doesn't try THAT hard he just can't resist. Vincente and Violet begin to date, even though she has no idea who he truly is, or how he's connected to her parents. Vincente and Violet have a lot of hot sex. Vincente is fucking delicious and I must have something seriously wrong with me because all I kept wishing while I was reading this was that some drug cartel prince would come and corrupt me.

I'm angry. Vincente can get it. Sorry had to throw that in there. Really though. That boy is YUM. And for those who don't know what "he can get it" means, let me clarify. I want to make her scream and squirm and moan into oblivion. I want to be all there is for her. I was hooked from start to finish and I can't wait to see how this concludes!

My Sins Are Too Great for God to Forgive

I'm hoping the next book has a bit of action and gore this installment had very little. And of course, more Vincente doing very very bad and naughty things. A few minor things that kept me from rating this 5 stars: -I wish we got a little MORE background information on the past of the parents. Since their past is what set this whole plot in motion, I would have liked to have gotten more info on what caused the drama and why Javier is so hellbent on revenge and Ellie is so petrified of him, or even what Vincente's true motives are. I'm still not clear on that. I realize it's a risk to mention things that were already brought up in those other series and come across as repetitive to those who have already read them.

But for a new reader, I feel like it would have been nice to have a little more insight on what went down. But maybe we'll get that info in the next book? To me that just seems a little quick. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.

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Sins of a Dark Heart Sins of a Dark Heart
Sins of a Dark Heart Sins of a Dark Heart
Sins of a Dark Heart Sins of a Dark Heart
Sins of a Dark Heart Sins of a Dark Heart
Sins of a Dark Heart Sins of a Dark Heart
Sins of a Dark Heart Sins of a Dark Heart

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