Guarding the Tongue

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1 Peter 3:10

If you do not lock it up, it will set out against you. In the previous chapter, we stated that backbiting was when an individual mentions something about a person in his absence , that the latter dislikes to have mentioned — whether by using verbal statements, through writings, or by making a gesture indicating him or pointing him out by eye, hand or head.

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All of this is Haraam forbidden — there being no difference of opinion in this regard. This is Haraam. Rather it is advice naseehah , which is an obligation and for which he will be rewarded if that is what he truly intended. Backbiting is only when one mentions a specified individual or a specific group of people whether by name or insinuation.

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The Secret To Guarding Your Mouth

If he is not able to prevent him with his speech, then he should stop him with his hand. Do we live out through our lips what we believe in our hearts or do we get caught out by careless words. In our gospel reading we have an interesting exchange between Jesus and his disciples which is all about speaking.

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From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. I often wonder whether the argument Peter gets into with Jesus about his teaching on suffering is as a direct result of having had this intense moment of expressing his faith and insight in Jesus. I am sure that many of us, if not all of us, can relate in some way or other to this story from Mark.

A Prayer to Guard Your Tongue

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Guarding the Tongue | Living the Right Way |

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Guarding the Tongue Guarding the Tongue
Guarding the Tongue Guarding the Tongue
Guarding the Tongue Guarding the Tongue
Guarding the Tongue Guarding the Tongue
Guarding the Tongue Guarding the Tongue

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