Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)

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The Guide did not have the same freedoms as did black papers published in the North, and had to rely more on quiet, factual journalism than on sensational "yellow journalism" techniques to improve conditions for African Americans. It often could not denounce social injustice outright since it was so firmly entrenched in the South. There was a positive side to being labeled conservative. Because The Guide was less militant, it was able to obtain advertisements from both local and national white-owned businesses more readily than most other members of the black press.

National, white-owned businesses including Goodrich, Pillsbury, and Ford as well as many local white-owned businesses purchased advertisements in the Guide.

1619: 400 years ago, a ship arrived in Virginia, bearing human cargo

By the s multiple editions of the paper were published, including a national edition and local editions across Virginia including Richmond, Portsmouth and Hampton-Phoebus. The paper also reached Washington, D. C, and Baltimore, Maryland. The Journal and Guide waged numerous crusades--and some of its campaigns were counter to other black papers. For instance, one of its earliest campaigns was against the Great Migration of the early s and s, a movement which resulted in over one and a half million southern blacks migrating to the North between Young condemned the mass exodus because it resulted in the loss of the large southern black labor force.

in America: years ago, Africans arrived in Virginia

He also believed that the South offered just as many opportunities. The Guide endorsed plans to improve city streets; pushed for better water and sewage systems; and for a reduction in crime in the Norfolk region. In a series of editorials titled "The Dirt Roads of Norfolk" Young advocated for better housing, jobs, and schools for African Americans.

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Valerie C. Whispers of Rebellion: Narrating Gabriel's Conspiracy:. Michael L. Rambles of a Runaway from Southern Slavery:. Kirt von Daacke.

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    House Of Consciousness - Moorish-American, Asiatic Black/African American Owned Store! - Norfolk, VA

    McDowell, Claudrena N. Harold, and Juan Battle, eds. Jay Winston Driskell Jr. Carter G. Woodson Institute Series:. McDowell, ed. Board of Education in Virginia:.

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    Brian J. Freedom Summer:. Sally Belfrage. Michael Plunkett. New Directions in Civil Rights Studies:.

    Black History Attractions

    Robinson and Patricia Sullivan, eds. Leroy Vail and Landeg White. Robert A. Ira Berlin and Philip D. Morgan, eds. Sam C.

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    Calder Loth, ed. Gerald Horne. Jeannie M. Patience Essah. Tommy L.

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    Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series) Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)
    Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series) Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)
    Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series) Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)
    Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series) Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)
    Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series) Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)
    Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series) Norfolk, Virginia (Black America Series)

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