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I always order the whole fish.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Is Simplicity With A Twist

For lunch I like the burrata with tomatoes. By Afar Magazine. More Recommendations Ryna Dery. I'm a foodie. The whole meal was incredible and worth all the rave reviews and even the pricey tab.

Our favorite part, however, was the dessert platter. We couldn't decide what we wanted to try the most so we went along our server's suggestion and ordered the platter of Chef Michael and his pastry chef's favorite things. It consists of their version of treats like girl scout cookies, peanut butter cups, peanut brittle, Oreo cookies..

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I still dream about that Oreo cookie! You must absolutely check out Michael's!

America's Best Bites: Creamsicle Pot de Creme at Michael's Genuine in Miami, FL

It is so delicious and the perfect size should you feel guilty about ordering dessert. This particular dessert is a lemon meringue pie in a jar.

If there is one restaurant I would recommend in Miami, it is Michael's. I suppose it is the neighborhood feel, paired with great food. In the CLE. At Home. Best Of. It all started with lunch.

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Tasked with curating the food experience at what would become the Van Aken District, the multimillion dollar Shaker Heights shopping center, Sawyer hoped to convince Schwartz to bring his growing restaurant empire to Cleveland. The decision to expand his flagship Miami restaurant, which opened at Van Aken in March, was a natural evolution of his own approach to cooking.

Schwartz incorporates a sort of delightfully incongruous variety into everything he creates, including the somewhat miscellaneous menu that serves everything from hand-pulled fettuccine and pastrami sandwiches to wood-fired pizzas, octopus and oysters. Soon after, The New York Times named the restaurant one of the best in the country. He saw an opportunity to fill a void by offering straightforwardness and simplicity through fresh, fun-to-eat food.

Now, he hopes to bring that same authenticity to Cleveland. So far, it seems to be working, as the Van Aken locale is frequently jam-packed by happy hour. Curious foodies can grab a seat at the food bar, with views into the open-concept kitchen and wood-fired pizza oven. Wherever you sit, you can peek into the glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled corner room where staff extrudes pasta and pizza dough.

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Black, white, muted tan and deep maroon hues are mixed with hints of brick and wood, and pops of color come not from showy decor, but from vibrant, colorful dishes. If that dish returns in the future, it will retain a few common elements with small changes to the particulars. It starts the same: The short ribs sit overnight in a rub of paprika, ginger, chili powder and porcini powder before being slow-roasted, portioned and chargrilled to order in thick, individual slabs.

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Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food
Michaels Genuine Food Michaels Genuine Food

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