Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers

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The List of Information Sources on Astrology to Write a Good Paper

Pat Collins Astrology: " Aligning heaven and earth, spirit and matter, to find what physicists call the 'path of least action', and what shamans call the 'path of the heart' ". Kenneth Bowser's Western Sidereal Astrology is dedicated to this "pure unadulerated form of the art. Astrological interpretations that are clear and concise, with no "philosophical, psychological or New Age overlay. Hank Friedman offers over free tutorials , which he adds to regularly, on Western and Vedic astrology and provides reviews, tutorials, news, and some fine articles on astrology software.

Cosmic Intelligence Agency is a fantastic up-to-date site based in Australia and showcasing a variety of writers. Argentinian astrologer and long-time friend of TMA Guillermo Messina has a large site Latitude34 with many astrology books and many other topices of interest.

~ Astronomy ~

Astrologer Matthew Stelzner has worked closely with Richard Tarnass; his fine site has essays on Archetypal Astrology and information about resources for further study. Russian astrologer Constantine Semenov has an interesting site with articles on world events and finances, including a sound and video file on the May 6, stock market plunge. Gurmeet Singh has many fine articles on Vedic astrology, including in-depth delineations of people in the news, including Donald Trump and Barak Obama.

Frederick Woodruff's Astroinquiry offers a fine collection of work. His view of astrology is influenced by Gurdjieff and Fourth Way work and he covers many thoughful themes, including a lovely take on the recent total solar eclipse. Bob Makransky's Astrology Corner has some great free downloads such as Mayan Horoscope software, textbook on Primary Directions and celestial sphere mathematics, monthly e-zine, and insightful articles. Robert Ayres of Astrological Alchemy writes New and Full Moon columns that capture the feel of the lunation in simple language.

Dream Astrologer by Gary P. Caton has well researched articles on various mundane topics which include the use of sophisticated techniques e. Philip Brown's site AstroFutureTrends has lots of interesting articles on world and cultural events, forecasting and politics. Astrocal has a lunar calendar and lots of Moon articles and information, including ones on the lunar standstill. Masaru Emoto.

Serbian astrologer Nikola Stojanovic has a very interesting site with lots of horoscopes of events and people that he has rectified using standard techniques along with his original degree analyis work. Martha Lang Wescott's Treehouse Mountain offers extensive information and study guides on the asteroids and TransNeptunian points.

Christopher Warnock's large site Renaissance Astrology has many fine articles on traditional astrology, including horary, electional and astrology's interface with magic. Astrology for the 21st Century has lots of articles on UK and US current events, as well as business people in the news and videos on the planets. Astrology Weekly is a large and varied site with a wonderful article on the astrologers who predicted GeoVision Software has assembled a terrific site of Vedic astrology resources - forecasts, charts, gemstones, etc. Henry Seltzer has a very good monthly Sun sign column on his site, as well as mundane articles and astrology software.

Their site offers AUGuries newsletter containing interesting articles on various astrological topics, free charts, astro-weather and more.

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Kepler College has the wonderful accomplishment of graduating its first BA students in Astrological Studies this fall. Congratulations all around! Lynda Hill's site on the Sabian Symbols has a Oracle for asking a question or reading the symbol of the day based on the Sun's degree. The Astrological Lodge of London was founded in by Alan Leo; the Web site has notes from the Monday night meetings for those of us who can't attend in person. Find Astrologers site is a large collection of resources - organizations, products and services, conferences, and astrologers listed by speciality, location as well as name.

Evolutionary Astrologer Rose Marcus has created a beautiful site AstroLink with a forum for questions and comments. Bill Herbst offers a newletter, many substantive archived articles and a Void-of-Course Moon calendar at his site. The Astrology-Astronomy Book has succinct definitions of terms from astrology, astronomy, mythology, the history of astrology and science.

[BibMAS] Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astral Science

Enter Nick Kollerstrom. Interface is a wide-ranging collection of essays on the relationship between astrology and her wise mother astronomy. The central theme is that "astrology and astronomy are simply two sides of a coin, the abyss between them a mere deficiency of perception". Thus, the astounding facts, figures and images of modern astronomy amount to little more than a vast scattering of fragmented "gee-whiz data".

Astrology Lesson #1

Each advance, each new discovery throws up as many mysteries as it solves. Why does Mercury refuse to obey the laws of Newtonian physics and slip so elusively through Gauquelin's statistical net? How come the ring system around Saturn is a model of cool, mathematical precision while Uranus buzzes and crackles with weird energy as it judders around its crazy orbit?

Why after centuries of mathematical analysis does the Moon's relationship with the Earth remain as mysterious to us as it was to the ancient Chaldeans? We can almost pity the poor astro-physicist, doomed to wander forever through the cosmological labyrinth with little hope of ever finding the Great Ultimate Fact. As Nick suggests, without the elucidation of astrology's "true imagination" astronomers can only gawp at the outer form of a meaningless universe.

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By the same token of course, astrologers can't hope to improve the situation merely by offering pious pronouncements and ignoring astronomical reality. Like it or not, the astrologer and the astro-physicist need one another. Interface is a positive move towards building bridges between the disciplines. Inevitably, a collection such as this poses Big Questions.

But don't expect dry abstractions and impenetrable theorising. Nick's knowledge and enthusiasm for both sides of the celestial coin shines through so that even a discussion of the intricacies of the lunar orbit comes across as intriguing and informative rather than incomprehensible. Let him loose on tracking the space probe Voyager II on its odyssey through the solar system and you're in for quite a trip. Check out the secret life of Galileo and tune in to the current of synchronicity that links Kepler's star, the galactic centre and our old friend Ophiuchus.

Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers
Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers Interface, astronomical essays for astrologers

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