A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother

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Those who use religion as a way to gain money are corrupted by the things of this world, like the Pharisee from Luke They're using a facade of faithfulness to earn the favor of the people. I'm not the best Christian, but even I can tell that's the kinda thing that makes God cry. Religion is the retardation of society. FatSkat 23 mar Demand money with a weapon, and go to jail. Demand money with the threat of eternal suffering, and it's tax deductible.

AthiestRepublic 23 mar Religion in general is corrupted. A world without religion would be great. NickCageApproves 25 mar And that kids is one of the many ways Catholicism is really a cult. Incoming people trying to justify religion. One of the many reasons religion is bullshit. And don't even get me started on faith healing Joel Osteen is the biggest fraud of them all. With over people in his "church" he rakes in almost 4 million a year TheSyndicate 23 mar I'm a Christian and even I know this is accurate af.

StillLameTomorrow 23 mar Join the westboro baptist church today. Why would an omniscient omnipotent omnibenevolent omnipresent deity who created the universe which contains trillions upon trillions of galaxies and an infinite number of worlds and things that defy human comprehension Tempestus 23 mar There are the true men of God but also those who use his name for their advantage. It all started because ancient people didn't know why it would rain or why they got sick. If you want something go out and accomplish it don't sit in your room asking an old man in the sky that will send you to hell for jerkin off lol.

Religion is just something people use because they are afraid of death. Just being honest. Religion is a joke. Religion, the best scam man has ever invented. Yeah blame all the churches in the world because some churches are doing something wrong "logic". Some churches are genuine with how they do it. Some are corrupt and schemed.

What is the song “Hallelujah” all about?

Pretty sad. Here's a fact for you: The song "Hallelujah" is broadcast at 2am every Saturday night by the Israeli defence force's radio channel. Just remember if all else fails you can sell religion to the stupid people who believe in that shit. I am definitely gonna get so much hate on this app, especially, but fuck it im going to say it anyway. Always thought religion was just a stupid thing that people in power want us believing.

Bc sheeple believe it easily and it allows slimy individuals to distract from the real issues lol.


Religion is full of shit. Religion is not needed. Proof of God's existence on my profile. ProofGodExists 23 mar Yet again God gets a bad rep because of greedy people. God doesn't need your money. It's a generous heart he is after. And make no mistake, those who cheat people in his name will surely have to answer for it. Beeliever 23 mar If this helps, we only rely on getting our money by faith at my church.

We don't do messages on tithing giving money , and even lately our giving has been down a lot since Christmas but we still don't push for it. Don't let one or two bad examples paint the picture for all churches. Most are good. DoctaStrange 23 mar Catholicism as a whole is evil. Corrupt pastors, priests, etc are really nothing new. There's actually a documentary on exposing the richest pastors in Christian America. It's a must watch. True Christianity is a minority in America.

Leonard Cohen’s Holy and Broken Hallelujah

FloridaMan 23 mar I'll save you the trouble of going through the comments half of them are "not all churches" and the other half are "yes all churches". Churches with multi-million dollar buildings and tithes should not be tax exempt. BirdPerson 23 mar WTF kinda idiots give money to churches? It's a concept I cannot fathom.

That90sDude 23 mar Religion is a scam. MartialArtsMaster 23 mar Do you understand that the church is one of the richest organizations in the world and they ask money from the poor to get richer and buy real estate around the world? Jesus himself would have shit it down if he'd see what's happening. MemeMonster7 23 mar True lmao. Tax churches. Mega churches are garbage. We are all subject to error, loss, broken hearts. We make mistakes, we fall.

But to me, it always means, Praise God, thank you,. It is in those times of extreme brokenness I finally surrendered and sought the only one who could pull me out of that deep darkness. Thanks for sharing your gift Looking forward to that 4th verse! The heart of Leonard Cohen has made it just a little easier to be a human. Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts on this song that I find intriguing but puzzling. This song reminds me of a favorite theologian, G. Chesterton, that said when a man looks for a prostitute he is really has a deep desire to know God and the prostitute is just a poor substitute.

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We have a deep desire to know and be known in a deep intimate way that only our creator can satisfy. All the drugs, alcohol and sex are what we fall into until we find the genuine, the Lord who made us from nothing created us to know him in a supernatural way. This is in fact in a few sentences the essence of faith. That is an amazing truth…sometimes this journey does not make sense but a simple hallelujah brings an overwhelming peace….

Your words are beautiful. Thank you Mr. Cohen has just passed. I think when we come into the world we are looking for something because of the void in us. This song along with my faith are a wonderful filler. Sorry for you. If you listen to Zimerman play Schubert Impromptu Op. Besides Leonard Cohen himself, the best version of this song, in my opinion, is by k. She has the voice of an angel. By the way….. Time passes but good music and lyrics always stay fresh. I travelled across Canada and down the west coast of U. Then with my daughter I drove across U. Leonard Cohen was with me every day!

I was never tired of his voice,his lyrics — that say so much, his hallelujahs, every day he was making my journey joyful with his presence. What a talent! It is the mystique that can occur when music is transformed into something you actually feel and not just hear. I think the most amazing, and I suspect, intended consequence is that it causes us to think, to remember and to dream. Thoughts of love, loss, death and life are woven into the fiber of the song in a way that inspires a candid look at reality. As a young boy when I first heard the song it gave me the desire to be a musician.

Love everyday and every way. Put aside those things that tear us apart. This song is a gift to all of us. And I am thankful for it. These are scattered verses, not all included. I believe the Hallelujah was the ecstasy David and Samson had in knowing God personally, esp David who sang to the Lord. Reference to Bathsheba and Delilah the ecstasy of their sexual relations. God created intercourse for mankind and the ecstasy of the foreplay and climax. Cohen in part of song related to both on a spiritual level.

There is nothing greater than a loving personal relationship with God, His love for mankind is beyond understanding. And also the pure passion a man feels for a woman who has taken his soul! I would love to see all verses to amass the meanings of other verses. Most have commented on the first two verses with their biblical undertones. I wish to talk about how the last two verses which speak more of a broken love. Because think of how grey life would be, without the beauty of intense emotion.

Really this whole song to me speaks of the intensity of love first two verses , and the equal intensity of loss last two verses , and thanks be to God that we have the capacity to feel these things in life. This song grabs us because it holds the perfect harmony of lyrics that speaks to our minds while merging hauntingly beautiful music that envelops our hearts and in the process this merging touches our souls.

Leonard Cohen is a genius songwriter. His lyrics are akin to an abstract painting that can be interpreted in many different ways by the listener. It offends no one, but major lifts everyone. The lyrics, for me, are beyond conceptual understanding, but tied to the music in the way only L. This is what great works of Art do — and the artist who is able to convey that Mystery to others is — well, Hallelujah! Thanks you for this. It is very complete and a wonderful rational journey of embrace of a song that is ultimatley outside of reason.

I feel deeply moved by your efforts…they enahnce and do not throw cold water on the song for me. This is a thoughtful appraisal of a fascinating song which is really a poem. When a poet is at his best, he writes, in part, from his unconscious. He has to learn to trust that the words that arise are the right words and if he thinks too much on them or tries to steer them to a place other than where they want to go, the poem will fail.

But here is the startling part. Often, the poet doe snot know the exact meaning of what has been written.

A Broken Hallelujah

That is why you get sketchy answers from poets about the meaning of their poems and their opinion does not matter. What does matter is what the reader thinks, what they feel, what insight they gain, what they find to be familiar and enlightening. That will be different to every reader of a particular poem. Often, the poet is enlightened about his own work by hearing what other people have found in it.

Therein is the magic. It is interesting how your observation in regards to poems matches up on how I feel about the Bible itself. The word of God, in my opinion, is like that. It speaks to humanity at many levels, it can be all things to many people. It raises, it falls, it floats, it is like water, like ice, or like steel. And above all it inspires and transforms the soul. Of course not everyone agrees, but for those of us who believe the word of God comes alive and resonates, not only in the conscious level, but deep into the incomprehensible spiritual realm. It disappoints me to find out that such a beautiful song was taken away from the meaning of Hallelujah.

To me, the only One that this word is worthy, is the Lord. It reminds me how someone could take a song like My Adorable One, and turn it to a secular meaning. The only Adorable One is the Lord. When David danced, his wife thought it was foolish, but the Lord thought it was beautiful…. Someone I love gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that, this too, was a gift. The rest of it developed from there. The Hallelujah is a proclamation of pure joy precisely what we were born for.

This was an older woman. It IS a holy and profane song as it should be the pure ecstasy of love. This version makes sense because of Cohen lyrics that he did not even know the name of the person he shared intimacy with A sign of the times. It captures the essence of the love of God in our lives. David sang his Hallelujahs when he followed God but most passionately when he strayed. Every part of our lives, if lived in faith is a cry of Hallelujah to The One who loves us even in our mess.

The word Hallelujah is used for the highest form of praise.

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  4. You have to remember that Lucifer was the choir director in heaven. HE had the most beautiful voice of all angels. Hallelujah is praise to God, and Cohen wrote something with a beautiful sound to the word, but he destorted the meaning and so the praise would go to satan. Satan always tried to steal everything from GOD. What a shame that Cohen could not have used such a talent to glorify the God who gave him the talent. Paulne this is a terrible comment!! LC is blessing the Lord for giving him the ability to find him even in those broken no-hope situations. This is a very deep believe in God, a deep immanent attachment with the divine.

    I agree with Amos Paulne. In the world we seem to hear and see a lot of lies and deception everywhere we turn but the mind is powerful indeed. Everyone on the planet is going through changes and I feel Leonard Cohen is no different than the rest of us. We go through things that make no sense what-so-ever at times. I believe God is in control at all times and will never allow us to think, say or do anything that will ever keep our spirits from the Love He alone Created.

    I have both kinds of thoughts in this experience. When I became aware of my thoughts, I choosing to have the thoughts of Love. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to share as well. I wish you happiness! I feel the way Pauline does. He starts out talking about writing a kind of religious song, then in Antwerp, Belgium in he talks of him originally writing a song with words from the Bible and more recently rewriting it as a secular hallelujah. So that seems to me that towards the end of his life he was looking at life more through the lenses of the Eastern mystics rather than through the teachings of the Bible.

    Thank you for your comment. Satan quoted Scripture and understands it better than any human. Hallelujah is praise directed at Yahweh, who has revealed himself to us in His Word. Using the word hallelujah without directing our praise to him is a misuse of that word even if its familiarity and inherent truth draws in a wider audience.

    Thank you Rosemarie for posting that. I too have been conflicted by this song. I choose to love it and believe part of the meaning is to come out of trials still intact in our beliefs. I have never heard that before. May your journey be safe and end in glory!!! Interesting way to look at this. Nothing can be farther from what I see. For me it is someone seeking understanding of a struggle and it has nothing to do with a god or satan.

    Cohen describes his search. The music is the same but I see no connection to the great lyrics that Leonard wrote. I believe it is referring to Sampson and Delilah in the Bible of her taken his strength away by cutting his hair. He loved and trusted her and she deceived him. Like you love someone and they destroy your trust!!! Another thing that comes to my mind is whether or not he allowed her to do that and why. Only he knew the reason. Just my two cents. This song is not for an year old.

    The references are strongly to sex and deception and perhaps the conflict holy men have felt in their passion for women and their passion for God. Similar conflict with the passion of Sampson and Delilah. He is relating the Hallelulah praise to God with the deep passion of sex. This is not a religious song.

    It is a sex song. A deeply compelling and beautiful song for having sex to, albeit with sad undertones.

    A "Hallelujah" Christmas by Cloverton HD

    Not a song in praise of God. May God receive his soul with his light and forgiveness. Hallelujah is absolutely a sex song — not ethereal or romantic, but gritty and graphic. I know cohen and his songs since 38 years ago. I see that cohen is honest with people who listen to his words.

    I love this song ans I have listened this song more than hundred times although as a muslim not agreed with bible story about David. Blessed are those who have heard her sing it live. Leonard Cohen was Jewish, the grandson of a Talmudic scholar, and a deeply spiritual man who never stopped searching.

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    4. He spent several years studying Zen. Cohen was one of many thoughtful artists who have recognized the tangled connections between sex, death, and spirituality. I wonder if he prayed before he wrote it. Like you say…. So many levels to this song! My take — The singer hints at his own broken romance, once exciting and strong, now crumbling in the dust. There seem to be several types of Hallelujahs. Second — David sees the bathing beauty good point about her bathing on the roof! When he gave in to his temptation and seduced her, she became his. A new kind of Hallelujah was height of their sexual illicit union.

      David reached his lustful goal. Their child had to die as punishment. He understands. Cutting the hair refers to Samson losing his closeness to God also because of a woman. He dies violently but destroying the enemy. Both men lost something of themselves in their romances. But we see how this changes people. Even in their sexual good times there was darkness. BUT good news is these men came back to do the right thing for God. God loved David as before.

      He was truly humbled and changed forever. Fourth — Humbled Hallelujah. He knows this is common to many people. After the loss or brokenness he can finally see clearly.

      A Broken Hallelujah

      A little sadly he says Hallelujah. Ultimately he can survive, heal and move on. He can even thank God for it being over. No better way to learn than thru immense loss, sorrow and pain. This song expresses it so tenderly. Just so you know in the beginning you said one of the names of God that is the only name of God Jehovah psalm the rest are just titles lord god almighty alpha omega titles Jehovah is his name!!

      Thank you all for your contributions to my understanding and further appreciation of this most beautiful song. Something mysterious in both of them and I must say I have heard many interpretations of both. Then-the lyrics! Listening to it many times, I have found it sometimes to be about his relationship with a woman and other times I hear as a religious proclamation of sorts.

      The music just sort of cleanses the soul! It transcends religion. Cohen uses some language that has been incorporated into religion, but exists powerfully on its own. When combined with his beautiful work, it increases the power. And, when K. Thank you for your understanding of this song, there have been parts that baffled me , Now I see the light a little clearer. How grateful I am for short poets. Agree with Kay re: K. We listen and envelop in the sound of this and were wondering what Mr. Cohen thought of these young performers doing his work so much justice when we heard the sad news of his passing.

      Cohen answers that he dose not even know the name. Implying that the full pronouncing of the Hebrew name of God is unknown us. To take the name in vain has several meanings here : 1. The opposite of being humble, to boast 2. The reach of this song— The multitude of artists that have covered it is amazing and every time it brings attention back to God.

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      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother
      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother
      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother
      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother
      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother
      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother
      A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother

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