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What is the Sword of Truth series?

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But is the remuneration worth the risk? Kezia Dovetree is a demigoddess. Vengeance incarnate comes looking for her, in the form of the furies. With no other options, she runs to the only people who can help her. She then meets Jasper, one of the three seers.

Kezia finds herself drawn to him. He makes her feel safe. Seers and Demigods Book 2 What is written can be erased. Zander Dovetree, the son of Aphrodite, has survived the vengeance of three furies, and a childhood in foster care. She gets closer every day, and is unwilling to slow down or stop. Not even her feelings for Zander can make her see Verin Cooper, the son of Hades, has just moved to Seattle. Right down the street from a hotheaded seer he is ill prepared to meet. The last thing either of them wants is to get involved with the gods again. Something strange is happening around Seattle, and only the gods know what.

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Night Watch (Lukyanenko novel) - Wikipedia

He wants her to be successful, happy, and most importantly, safe from zombies. It is the year and none have been seen since before Celia was born. In the back of Andy's mind, he knows they could return. The Book of Roland. Roland begins his day like any other day. Drinking coffee, watching the news, receiving a cryptic call from his brother, the scientist, confirming that what feared had finally come to fruition.

Promising to meet up with his brother, Roland forgets about everything and starts his journey. When all others are fleeing Indianapolis, the center of the outbreak, Roland wades into the hordes of undead. The Book of Ashley. His new plan is to possess Jessica in hopes of being born into this world with a cleansed soul as her child. The destination is Columbus, Ohio where Velius' followers are lying in wait to care for the unborn child, raising it until it comes of age to take over this plane.

The characters in her discarded and unfinished stories are coming to life, and one of them is a vicious killer, who photographs his victims as they die in the hopes of catching their fleeing spirits on camera. And his victims, now trapped between worlds, ache for vengeance And who will win when two iconic creatures of the night clash on a desolate WWI battlefield?

The Starhawk Chronicles. Though more than a quarter-century has passed since the end of the last war, the Galactic Confederation is still busy picking up the pieces. Whole sectors of the galaxy remain lawless, rife with corruption and greed. The criminal element has a well-established foothold on these sectors. Rest and Wreck-reation. Asclepius Stone. Cancer GONE. Heart disease GONE. Failing eyesight restored and obesity vanquished. In the middle of one dark and snowy winter night, Doc's shed was burned down by a curious meteor that cures disease, reverses aging, and elicits euphoria.

Hell Gate. Sixteen-year-old Jason is living a nightmare within a nightmare. He is trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by demons from another realm, but it was his mother who opened the door in her experiment gone wrong. In a last ditch effort to redeem his family name and unload his guilt, he joins a squad whose mission is to destroy the Hell spawn around Mont St.

With the successful closure of the Hell Gate in Paris, Jason McCreary decides to take his team on an expedition around the world to close the remaining four portals. After recruiting new members and preparing the remaining antimatter devices, the set off to their first destination: Russia. Rise of the Sataners. Yet the challenges they face are much greater than before. That's some good story. Mar 27, Christina Tarbet rated it it was amazing. Bought this book right after finishing the first one. I read it quickly and then was disappointed because it ended because I want more!!

I really liked it. He walks down t this book starts out with Christy has returned home after her disastrous debate trip to Washington, DC. They have to escape to survive. When Christy is explaining Ice Man, you can see what he looks like in your mind. This in account of several reasons that I will explain in my review. Christy, a self proclaimed nerd and an school outcast, during her time in witness protection gets transformed into the person she has always wanted to be.

Sportive and confident. At times however she is that person and at other times she is whiny and acts like and immature child. That kind of annoys me. A lot. No, there is a second guy and she has no idea who she likes more. It seems to me that she should be more focused on saving herself and her family instead of which guy she likes more.

Apr 25, Merry Chapman rated it it was amazing. This is the second book in the Watched Trilogy and it is amazing. Once you begin there is no way you can put this book down!

A 72 Second Book Review of ‘Protecting Cheyenne’ by Susan Stoker

This book continues the thriller with Christy who wanted to change her personality and become popular and not picked on. When she returns to her school, she is still bullied until Alex, the extremely good looking boy from her Washington trip and run in with terrorists and saved by the FBI. When her mean girl bullies see how Alex swept her off her feet and kissed her in fro This is the second book in the Watched Trilogy and it is amazing. When her mean girl bullies see how Alex swept her off her feet and kissed her in front of all the bullies she thought maybe she would become accepted.

But all the wonderful feelings must come to an end when on a hike, Christy and Alex are kidnapped by the terrorists they thought were taken care of. Then all things continue to change with kidnapping, killing, witness protection, changing personality, FBI handlers working to make Christy strong and capable at the ripe of age of With lots of edge of your seat thrilling action and seeing the development of Christy into a capable young woman who is snarky and learns to protect herself, you just can't put this book down.

This book will make you laugh and cry both out loud and you will want to dive right into book 3, I know I do! I received and ARC of this book from the author but the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Aug 11, Eppie rated it it was ok. It's kind of a cool premise for a book, but completely implausible. When people go into witness protection, the government doesn't fake their death, especially if it is a minor. It annoyed me that she finally learned to like herself after changing everything, while still worrying about what her parents and church leaders would say about her decisions.

I wouldn't be so hung up on that, except that she is still obsessed with what other people think, not her own beliefs religious or otherwise. Sh It's kind of a cool premise for a book, but completely implausible. She never talks about what she actually believes and how those beliefs are at odds with what she's being asked to do. Instead, it's all about what her parents taught her or believed and how they would feel about her decisions.

Also, she's kind of an idiot, not being able to figure out how to contact the guy she likes. I can see that being a problem back in the 80s, but in the age of internet and smartphones, it really does seem like she was more intent on feeling sorry for herself than actually being proactive about keeping in touch with her friends and using the things she learned about herself in the previous book to stand up for herself at school.

Aug 30, Julia rated it really liked it. This is a good book. It is a novel that has suspenseful, romantic, and intriguing. At first I was confused about what does the author want to tell us. This book is talking about a girl was been bullied, but after she met a boy, her life started to change. Although her life became better than before, she doesn't trust herself at all.

When I read to the end of this book I felt that this is a book that I will strongly recommend. Oct 23, Lydia rated it really liked it. This second in the series was even better. It was amazing watching Christy's transformation under the Witness Protection program. As a character, she also became more likable, particularly as she stood up to her values. Aug 29, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: suspense , young-adult. Christy is a very smart and strong minded sixteen year old who is forced to become someone else to keep her safe. I really enjoyed reading about the transformation of Christy and the dangers she has to face every day.

Jul 11, Richard M. Great continuation! Tis is a good place holder from the first book. Makes you want to keep reading to find out where you are going to end up. Aug 04, Samantha rated it did not like it Shelves: juvenile-lit , suspense , cheesy-romance , didn-t-finish. I just couldn't get into this story.

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I didn't like the main characters relationship with her love interest. He was never respectful of her standards and wishes. The writing gets your Blood Moving! This book sizzles and pops with unexpected twists and turns. Everything in the book leaves you wanting more. Dec 18, 03EmilyM rated it it was amazing. Protected is a story written by Cindy M.

It's the 2nd book in the watched series and is all about Cristy's life and adventures after leaving behind the murder that she witnessed in Washington, D. This story takes plalce all over the U. Here's her story. Cristy's home is just how she left it. She thought she had escaped all the troubles she had faced in D. About a week before Protected is a story written by Cindy M.

About a week before her school year is suppose to end, Cristy is visited by Alex hot guy from D. They go out for a picnic and have a great time together their 1st day together again. But the next day isnt such a wonderful picnic. They are kidnapped by the terrourists from D. Together, they are taken as hostages to be exchanged for one of the terrourist's brithers who had been caught by the FBI in D. They escape as soon as they find a way out; just to be captured again by the same people.

Just as they are begining to lose hope, they are rescued by the FBI. They are then taken to a safe-house where they see Alex's parents who are also FBI agents. Later that day Alex and Cristy are seperated by his parents. Cristy is left with his father John. John tells Cristy that she has to now have a new identity and fake her own death. They then begin her training for her new identity as a 17 year old cheerleader named Micheal.

School is great for her because she makes many friends. Eventually she has a pretty nice boyfriend named Matthew. She makes suggestion to her coach about a fund raiser. The day of the fund raiser, Cristy runs into Alex and they leave the school together. That night they watched a movie and Cristy fell asleep on the coach.

The next morning she wakes up and cant find Alex. So she writes him a note and leaves to go have breakfast with Matthew. At the restaurant Cristy is confronted by Matthew about Alex and her true identity. She ends up telling him that she is in witness protection. She then, suddenly, gets a feeling that something is wrong. She senses an ambush. When she cant find him, she checks her phone. There is a message from John saying that she would get picked up by an agent at the library.

She meets the guy at the library and they leave to go to another safe house. There she is informed that her identity as Micheal had been compromised and she would be needing another new identity. Now she is a 17 year old goth-biker-girl named Ari. She and her new father, Cort aka Lenny leave with many other bikers for a trip to Florida.

They can both tell that they are being followed by the terrorists and sneakily get of the road to head for D. Once they are there after the interview , the have dinner.

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As they are eating, the building is ambushed and they have to make an escape through the sewers. They exit the sewers on a golf course. There she is told to wait for Cort to return, but if he isnt there in 10 min. She waits. While waiting, she begins to think about a childhood memory and is interrupted by the sound of a man speaking a different language. She hid. Once the man got close enough, she broke his nose into his skull. The man fell over, eyes wide open, not moving. She ran for a shed and once she is there she is grabbed by 2 men and thrown into an SUV.

When she comes to, she is happy to see that everyone is safe and in the hands of the FBI. The group is then sent to Europe to live their lives, that is until they can return to the states.

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The theme of this story is: Listen to the FBI or you might have to deal with bad consequences. I recomend this book to mastly girls because of all the romance and girly vibe the book gives. Feb 28, Arla Leave Mommy Alone rated it it was amazing. Thank you to Cindy M. Hogan for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Christy imagined she'd get back to her life at school and be accepted by the 'in' crowd - since she did it in Washington D. She couldn't be more wrong. Although Christy has been forever changed by her ordeal on the field trip - having witnessed an actual murder and been shot at and barely survived - it's hard to change the perception kids at school have of her.

Especially, when she can't breathe a wor Thank you to Cindy M. Especially, when she can't breathe a word of what she's been through to anyone, not even her parents. Since she feels so different, when she shows up to school and nothing has changed, it comes as a bit of a shock to her. She's still being bullied by some and overlooked by the rest.

Watched trilogy by Cindy M. Hogan

She gets an unexpected visitor. He shows up one day in a convertible - almost as smokin' as he is - and saunters his way up to her in front of the cheerleaders, and whoever else happens to be in front of the school, and plants a kiss on her guaranteed to make her, and all witnesses, weak in the knees. Actually, let's let Christy describe it: "Then the unthinkable happened. He kissed me. It wasn't just a little kiss, either. It was one that makes you feel like you could die today and it wouldn't matter. When he finally released me, he said, 'At last.

It wakes them up to your existence and proclaims that you have something they should envy. Gorgeous Alex has put Christy on the map. Problem is, her heart says one thing and her mind says something else. She can't seem to get them to reconcile. Before Christy has the chance to see what Alex's display of affection has done for her social status, they find themselves in mortal danger, once again.

This time, there's no coming back. She's forced to leave everything she knows and loves behind and enter Witness Protection. It's the only option if she's going to protect her family and keep herself alive. Her life becomes unlike anything she could've ever dreamed up or imagined it would be. She's pushed to the extremes and finds that she is capable of so much more than she thought possible. It's a rollercoaster ride an adult would have a hard time digesting, let alone a 16 yr.

Cindy Hogan wrote an incredible sequel to a great book. With Protected, she hit it so far out of the park, that ball won't be recovered anytime soon! I was so hooked on this book, I actually kept pressing the 'next page' button on my Kindle begging it to give me more story at the end.

Christy is practically unrecognizable in this book, which is the point of Witness Protection, right? Just as it happened in Watched, the supporting characters won me over with equal intensity as the story's heroine. It's a very clean read infused with action, intensity, romance and intrigue. The profusion of twists and turns, up and downs, left me breathless. I guarantee you will be hooked on this series by the end of Protected, if you weren't already with Watched. May 16, 08kyannat rated it it was amazing. Christy is now back in Helena at school. At home she is a very smart girl that gets picked on alot.

But after school ended when she was about to go home. Alex showed up at her high school and gave her a big kiss in front of every one in her grade. Well she still is not 16 so she can't date yet but her birthday is in less then 2 weeks. When she got home she saw some cars parked in front of her house.

The next Morning Alex showed up to her house. Her parent Christy is now back in Helena at school. She portrayed Christy as a likeable young woman surrounded by unbelievable events. Laci had great intonation and pace, keeping the story suspenseful throughout. She had differing voices for male and female characters, and expressed frustration and urgency when appropriate without becoming shrill.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this audio book! Would you consider the audio edition of Protected to be better than the print version? I've both read the book and listened to it on Audible. Loved it both times and really enjoyed listening to it. What other book might you compare Protected to and why? This is an intriguing story line with great plot twists and suspense.

It was refreshing, intense and gripping. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Great listen!! De : Cindy M. Lu par : Laci Morgan. Description Christy has the guy. Hogan P Cindy M. Ce que les membres d'Audible en pensent.

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Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)
Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2) Protected (The Watched Trilogy Book 2)

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