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Insurrection Raymond L. Weil The Galactic Empire Wars [5]:. Dietz Legion of the Damned before [2]:. Andromeda's War William C. Dietz Legion of the Damned before [3]:. Andromeda's Fall William C. Dietz Legion of the Damned before [1]:. Fighting Chance William C. Dietz Legion of the Damned [9]:. Dietz Legion of the Damned [7]: When the Confederacy's Presidential entourage is captured by alien Ramanthians and imprisoned in a brutal slave labor camp, members of the group, led by diplomat Christine Vanderveen, risk everything to keep their identities Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there.

After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mar The Dead Sun B. Larson Star Force [9]:. Storm Assault B.

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Twenty years have passed since Beldinas the Kingpriest assumed the throne. His is a realm of unsurpassed grandeur and wealth, a testament to the mightiest age of the empire of Istar. Gods of Risk James S. Corey Novels [1]:. For nearly forty years Beldinas, the Kingpriest of Istar, has waged war against evil. Foul monsters, cults of wicked gods, and even the Orders of High Sorcery have fallen to his pr The Kingpriests have reigned for centuries in the name of Paladine, the supreme god of good.

But danger lurks in the empire's heart. The Kingpriest has forseen his own death, an Churn, The James S. Corey Novels [1]: Before his trip to the stars, before the Rocinante, Amos Burton was confined to a Baltimore where crime paid you or killed you. Unless the authorities got to you first. Set in the hard-scrabble solar system of Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's Drafter, The Kim Harrison Novels [1]:. Fleet Academy Raymond L. Weil The Slaver Wars [3]:. Alien Contact Raymond L.

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Endgame Raymond L. Weil The Slaver Wars [7]:. Damnation Jean Johnson Duty [5]:. Retaliation Nick S. The third instalment in an epic new series that tells of humanity's desperate struggle to survive in an uncertain and war-torn future. War is almost upon the Alliance of four races. The windo Gilgamesh the King Robert Silverberg Gilgamesh [1]:. Against this backdrop, men and women in Ghost Soldiers Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades: Mercenaries [2]: Ghost Soldiers is the second novel in the epic new 'Mercenaries' series that chronicles the violent struggles of the sprawling Centauri Alliance.

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The newly formed Interstellar Assault Brigade has been tested in secre Lords of War Michael G. Spartan is a living legend, a veteran of the Alliance Marine Corps, victo War of the Exiles Michael G. The Alliance watches in horror as the world of Karnak Warspite Christopher Nuttall Ark Royal [4]:. Heart of Venom Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin [9]: The hotly anticipated ninth novel in the hugely popular Elemental Assassin series finds Gin Blanco on a dangerous mission to rescue a friend. Redemption Joshua Dalzelle Omega Force [7]: There is a fine line between right and wrong, good and evil.

For years Jason Burke has straddled that line as best he can, always convinced that despite the violence carried out by him and his team they were firmly on the right side Steel Breach Casey Calouette Novels [1]: 1. Whether he wants this gift or not, Xander must learn to use White Halls is no longer a sleepy little town. Its houses lie smoldering on their founda Assassin of the Damned Vaughn Heppner Novels [1]:. In a forgotten crypt, a madman uncovers an ancient talisman of evil. Into the Hinterlands David Drake and John Lambshead Novels [1]: 1 in a new series from a military science fiction master with over 3 million books in print.

A young hero comes of age in the crucible of war and galactic struggle. When Allen Allenson, scion of a noble family that has fallen on hard tim Siege Simon Kernick Novels [1]:. Relentless Simon Kernick Novels [1]: The 1 international bestseller. Severed Simon Kernick Novels [1]: A terrifying read-in-one-gulp thriller with a killer premise: what do you do when the woman in bed beside you is a headless corpse. Straight off I knew it was going to be a bad day. The room was stifling hot; and when I did finall When ex-police officer John Cone is found lying wounded in a room full of dead bodies, he has a terrifying story to tell.

Three days earlier he was hired by a mysterious Stay Alive Simon Kernick Novels [1]:. Out of the Beyond invade the New Men, stronger, faster and smarter than the old. Star Watch sends a massed battle fleet to stop them. Admiral Fletcher barely escapes annihilation by heading at Ultimatum Simon Kernick Novels [1]:. Deadline Simon Kernick Novels [1]: A race-against-time thriller to save a kidnap victim, from Transworld's newest superstar You step inside, and the phone rings. You answer Eden One Raven K. They were the future.

As their future soon becomes reality Mackenzie and h Warship Joshua Dalzelle Black Fleet [1]:. Ten years ago, Calamity came. It was a burst in the sky that gave Tenacious Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife [12]:. Chimera T. A job that takes him to every dark spot and every rat hole he can find. Operatives from China and Unified Korea are gathering esc Who Goes There John W. Campbell Novels [1]: A distant, remote scientific expedition taking place at the North Pole is invaded by a space alien who has reawakened after lying dormant for centuries after a crash landing.

A cunning, intelligent alien who can shape-shift, thereby assum The Mind's Eye Christopher Nuttall Novels [1]: For centuries, men have been dreaming of telepathy, the power to read and influence the minds of others. Now, all around the world, telepaths are finally starting to appear. Men and women are developing awesome powers with the potential t People always told Akantha what was expected of her.

Hemmed in at every turn and surrounded by suitors who were far from suitable, her Uncle wanted her to take a man Bitter Harvest Michael R. Hicks Harvest [2]: A year has passed since the Sutter Buttes incident. Jack Dawson and Naomi Perrault, having failed to find the elusive bag of lethal New Horizons seed, are fired and the secret agency established under President Curtis to study the harves Dream Thief Stephen Lawhead Novels [1]: Epic science fiction about alien intervention in human civilization, in which a sleep researcher on an orbiting space station is contacted through his dreams by an alien intelligence bent on the manipulation of humankind.

The struggle to Violent, deadly uprisings are breaking out, seemingly at random, all across the Confederation's sphere of influence. The response by the powerful Confederation Fleet has been swift and decisive, but for ever Merillian Christian Matari The Never Born [2]: On the run from a powerful secret organization that covets their unique psionic abilities, Marcus Grey and his squad of cloned soldiers are forced to leave behind all that they have come to know.

The vessel's dying crew set the AI on automatic to defend the smashed rubble of their planet. Legend has it the faithful ship continues to patrol the em Reading space updates—and seeing pictures of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface in National Geographic—was the ignition of this dream. Ryan Richmond would like Locus Origin Christian Matari The Never Born [1]: Over a century after the seedship Lazarus completed its near 1, year journey, the Terran colonies found themselves in conflict with a hostile alien race.

In a world decimated by a long, drawn-out war where a never-ending stream Lock In John Scalzi Novels [1]:. Admiral Who? Luke Sky Wachter Spineward Sectors [1]:. Black Legion Michael G. The Black Legion is an army like no other. Paid for by the blood money of a sinister alien race and filled with ten thousand of huma Zero Point Neal Asher Owner [2]:. The Clone Assassin Steven L.

Kent Clone [9]: Earth, A. But the U. Prophecy of Fire Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades Nexus [5]:. Star Crusades Nexus Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades Nexus [6]:. Wrath of the Gods: Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades Nexus [8]:. The Black Rift Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades Nexus [9]:. Battle for Helios Michael G. Thomas Star Crusades Nexus [7]:. Thomas Battle Earth [9]:. He sees the rot in the Terran Empire on every hand and knows that the Long Night will inevitably fall upon the galaxy.

His consolation is that meas Fellow league members were using tactics verging on outright piracy, and others were all too eager to sel The Van Rijn Method Poul Anderson Technic Civilization [1]: When the human race spread out among the stars, they took the profit motive with them, and none exemplified that fact better than Nicholas Van Rijn, interstellar trader and capitalist extraordinaire. He might look like Falst Hunted - After Earth Peter David Novels [1]: On a distant planet called Nova Prime, the United Ranger Corps defends the galaxy's remaining humans from an alien race known as the Skrel and their genetically engineered predators, the Ursa.

But one ordinary man may have just found the Of course, he escapes and leads his armies on a crusade that he did not want to fight. Conrad's Lady Leo Frankowski Adventures of Conrad Stargard [2]: One moment Conrad Schwartz was suffering from a severe hangover as he hiked through the mountains of present-day Poland, the next he was hurled back to the same country in the 13th century. He remembered from his hi One moment Conrad Schwartz was suffering from a severe hangover as he hiked through the mountains of present-day Poland, the next he was running for his life from an angry Teuton Running With the Demon Terry Brooks Novels [1]: With Running with the Demon, Brooks does nothing less than revitalize fantasy fiction again, inventing the complex and powerful new mythos of the World and the Void, good versus evil still, but played out in the theater-in-the-round of th But the half-human, half-elfin, Shea now lives in peace - until the forbidding figure of Allanon appears, to reveal that the long de Now that daunting legacy has passed to John Ross--along with powerful magic and the knowledge that his actions are all that stand be The grim future he dreams each night-- a world reduced to blood and ashes--will come true, unless he can stop them His daughter and two sons, scattered across the world, do what they must to stay alive and unmask the assassins.

But each of them also has The Undead Pool Kim Harrison Hollows [12]: Supernatural superhero Rachel Morgan must counter a strange magic that could spell civil war for the Hollows in this sexy and bewitching urban fantasy adventure in acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison's Hollows serie Dawn of Swords David Dalglish Novels [1]: On the young world of Dezrel, brother gods Karak and Ashhur, fleeing their own failed world, recreate mankind in an attempt to make amends.

The fledgling race of humanity is guided by the First Families, men and women who will not age so Heaven Makers, The Frank Herbert Novels [1]: Immortal aliens have observed Earth for centuries, making full sensory movies of wars, natural disasters, and horrific human activities. When they finally became jaded by ordinary, run-of-the-mill traged Vicious V. Schwab Novels [1]:. Blindsight Peter Watts Novels [1]: Two months since sixty-five thousand alien objects clenched around the Earth like a luminous fist, screaming to the heavens as the atmosphere burned them to ash. Two months since that moment of brief, bright surveillance by agents unknown Maelstrom Peter Watts Rifters [3]: An enormous tidal wave on the west coast of North America has just killed thousands.

The Adventures of Connor Jakes: Masks (The War for Terra

Lenie Clarke, in a black wetsuit, walks out of the ocean onto a Pacific Northwest beach filled with the oppressed and drugged homeless of the Asian worl Now the master of space opera focuses on near-future Earth and one most unusual family. The result is a coming-of-age tale like no other. By turns comic, erotic, and tr Now the owner of Vanguard Shipping, his primary concerns are trying to keep his ships flying and his crew alive.

However, the shadowy Explorers of the Unknown: Disastergeddon! Book 6. November 30, by admin Comment Closed. Overall, I found Endless Space to be an entertaining game. Read about my investigation work here: www. The production team is asking for help to complete these last crucial interviews.

A good story. Guild A detailed survey of every type of fighting ship in service in the world's navies at date. Illustrated with over photographs, colour profiles, and 14 cut-away illustrations. An excellent unmarked copy: Near-Fine in Fine pictorial cover. A comprehensive, detailed and profusely illustrated guide to the ships of the Royal Navy - fighting ships, auxiliaries, survey ships, tugs, etc, - in service at date. Prof ill. A fully illustrated record of the ships of the Kreigsmarine in WW2.

It provides photographs, basic data, and scale drawings of the principal ships and classes. There are also historical notes and class lists. A comprehensive, vivid, and well illustrated account of the wartime operations of German U-boats during the two World Wars. Tackles the problems of building model warships, moving from sources of information, through the construction of the hull, deck and superstructure, to gun mountings and deck fittings.

Chapters cover each of these general topics, followed by sections specifically concerning miniature models, power plant, plastic kits, etc. Smith 24pp. Macmillan 1st pp. This biography covers every phase and aspect of Nelson's life and career. Nelson's battles, in particular, are described in vivid detail.

Wordsworth pp. Fine in pictorial card cover. Presidio ix. The hundreds of photographs document every aspect of the ships, including construction, on-board, close ups of details, and views of the ships in action. It illustrates the vessels as they were originally completed, and ships which were substantially reconstructed are also shown as they later appeared.

There are also a number of ships plans, and each photograph is accompanied by an informative caption. A complete photographic dossier of the battleships of the world's navies from the Dreadnought of , onwards. Lehmann Verlag 1st. Profusely illustrated with plans and drawings. Covers German battleships and battlecruisers..

German text. Ian Allan. The Second World War began in the Far East in July , after the Japanese, faced with economic crisis and inspired by fascist ambitions of a military clique, embarked on the conquest of China and the control of her trade. This is the story of that conflict and the part played by the Royal Navy who became involved in many diverse and dangerous activities.

The book contains over 60 photographs illustrated the life of the Royal Navy on the China Station during this period, some of which had to be snapped surreptitiously to avoid offending the japanese, while others were taken at moments of extreme danger. Appendices gives details of Royal Navy ships on the China Station. Heavily armed ships disguised as harmless merchantman , were operted by both the British and German navies during the First World War. This book vividly describes the activities and adventures of the ships and their crews employed in this highly unconventional form of warfare.

Frontis 24x Hradcover Edition. Brock was one of the most respected and powerful career officers in the Royal Canadian Navy, rising to Rear Admiral on his retirement in , These anecdotal memoirs trace the author's career in the Navy which began in when Brock sailed to England on loan to the Royal Navy and was appointed First Lieutenant of the trawler Berkshire before taking command of the trawler Kirkella. In April he moved to the corvette Ranunculus, and then took over Stonecrop, which joined 37EG on the Gibraltar run.

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In he was given command of 6EGC, and a continuation of the Atlantic war, until he commanded the last eastbound convoy. After the war he commanded the Canadian naval forces sent to Korea. This book covers the period from to the end of the Korean War. Diaries Pentland Press. This autobiography covers a young man's life from the time he joined the Royal Navy in to his release from a prisoner of war camp in Germany at the end of the war.

Later on he became attached to a special force sent to the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean but was captured by the Germans when they invaded Leros. During his captivity he kept a diary which offers a good insight into the daily life of prisoners. Kimber Jack Broome's drawings and cartoons are accompanied by short rhymes describing the pleasures and hazards of wartime life in the Wrens.

Beginning with the structural improvements by Robert Seppings, the book traces the gradual introduction of more scientific methods and the advent of steam and the paddle fighting ship, iron hulls and screw propulsion. It analyses the performance of the fleet in the Crimean War, and concludes with the design of the Warrior, the first iron-hulled capital ship in the world.

The book offers a well balanced and coherent account of general developments, as well as an in-depth study of the ships themselves. Profusely illustrated with old photographs, prints and drawings. Warship Profile 11 Profile Publicaations; Almost like New - Near-Mint in Fine pictorial card cover. An operational history of HMS Illustrious, illustrated with numerous photographs and a double-page side view in colour depicting HMS Illustrious as she appeared in camouflage in September An excellent unmarked copy: Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. Whittlesey House.

Trident Press Reprinted from the edition. Cambridge University Press. A detailed and profusely illustrated survey of HMS Warrior, together with an early account of her reconstruction. Illustrated with over photographs, drawings of details, cutaways and plans. Reprint Society. A biography of Pepy's life and career. The captain of the American spy ship Pueblo, describes in great detail the events that led to her capture by North Korean forces in He then transferred to subamrines and spent the rest of the war in P35 Umbra. This book is Fred Buckingham's outspoken account of his 24 years in the Royal Navy from to , of what life was like for those who had to do what they were told and suffer fools gladly.

As his account makes amply clear, he never quite got round to that! Allied Press 1st. This volume is a photographic history of the development of the battleship from the late 19th century until the battleships built during the Second World War. Profusely illustrated 15x An unmarked copy; Near-Fine in Very Good pictorial card cover. The Convoy Commanders were mostly senior but retired Naval officers who had volunteered to return to duty in WW2.

This book tells their story together with vivid accounts of the trials and tribulations of the convoys they commanded. An unmarked copy, single crease to rear cover, otherwise contents Near-Mint. Covers every warship - around vessels - built at Devonport from to , giving the specification and service history of each vessel. Seaforth 1st. Previous owner's bookplate. The Goldfish Club has to be one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

In order to qualify for membership one has to have ditched one's aircraft in the sea and then, naturally, to have been rescued, probably by the RAF Air Sea Rescue services. For this book Jim Burtt-Smith, who has for many years been Chairman of the Club, teamed up with John French to record accounts of ditching from all over the world.

For this undertaking the two were certainly well qualified for they were together, as pilot and wireless operator, in the summer of when their Wellington bomber was forced to ditch in the North Sea. The crew were picked up by the Luftwaffe and spent the rest of the war as guests of the Third Reich. A Drop in the Ocean, the result of their joint researches, gives details of over thirty such ditchings. Panther no date c pp.

Paperback Illustrated. A German view of the U-boat campaign A career autobiography. He saw service in Spenser during the Baltic campaign in , following which he joined Colombo on the East Indies station, Veteran on the China Station, and commanded the gunboat Ladybird, before moving to Dorsetshire as her Commander. In WW2 he served with the minesweepers at Dunkirk and was appointed Captain of the Auxiliary Patrol at Dover, then took command of Euryalus, a cruiser which saw much action in the Mediterranean.

An unmarked copy: Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. The complete guide to the ships and aircrafte. The complete guide to the ships and aircraft of the Royal Navy, at date. Maritime As New - Mint in Mint pictorial card cover. Profusely illusstrated. The complete guide to the ships and aircraft of the U. As New; Mint in pictorial card cover. Journal of Commerce 1st. Like new. Contains 6 individual thin card sheets each offering an accurate profile and plan view of a warship accompanied by the specification and chronological history of the ship concerned.

All six are in Mint condition and housed in the original Sea Breezes board-backed envelope. Singapore Deutsch 1st. No writing or inscriptions; Fine in Fine pictorial card cover in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. As commanding officer of the US destroyer Dewey that came close to destruction in a typhoon in December , the author was in an unparalleled position to document this tragic ordeal that claimed men, 3 destroyers, and more than carrier-based aircraft. This account details the events surrounding the storm, its chilling onset and ferocity, as well as its controversial aftermath.

Cambridge University Press 1st. Hutchinson 1st ix.

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No writing or inscriptions. VG in slightly rubbed pictorial card cover. Using eye-witness accounts and information gleaned from Admiralty records, this book describes the battles of the hard-fought Malta convoys. White Lion Virgin 1st. A comprehensive and extremely detailed account of the war fought by the US Navy, covering all the major battles, and many of the lesser engagements, from Pearl Harbour up to the finale at Guadalcanal.

Jenkins xxiv. No writing or inscriptions; Very Good in Very Good blue cloth binding.. One of the leading figures in the Zeebrugge raid in , who was subsequently awarded the Victoria Cross for his exploits during the assault, describes the heroic but costly attck on the Belgian port. Howard Baker A unique account of a young Englishman's adventures at sea and on land during the Napoleonic Wars. When George Casse's ship was overpowered by French privateers, he began five long years as a prisoner of war - shunted on foot from goal to goal.

During several abortive escapes through France and Belgium, he experienced hospitality and vengeance of country folk. The book is a slice of seafaring, social and military history, full of fascinating detail. No writing or inscriptions; Edges of pictorial card cover chipped, otherwise contents Fine.. Book Guild. Illustrated, 22x The author entered Dartmouth in , and served in Shropshire, Malaya, Ramillies and Renown, in Huntly and the submarine Rover on the China station, before joining the new submarine Trident.

Recaptured after a spell on the run following his escape from a POW camp in Germany, Catlow was incarcerated in Colditz where he remained for the rest of the War. In in the cruiser London, he took part in the Yangze action to recover Amethyst, but duriing the action London was badly damaged. During the Korean War he served in the carrier Ocean, before taking command of Loch Insh and was the senior officer afloat in the Persian Gulf.

In he was appointed naval attache to Rome beforecretiring from the Navy. An excellent and well-written memoir of the author's naval career. Tells the story of one of the largest and most meticulously organised seaborne invasions in the history of warfare - the Allied landings of June 6, D-Day. Exhibition Wasavarvet Stockholm, Drawing much information from Beatty's letters and journals, this is a full biography of the life and naval career of one of the most charismatic and controversial naval commanders of the 20th century.

Binding and contents VG. Describes the operational use and technical development of the major surface warship types, from battleships to fast-attack craft. Bonanza Books. Colour Frontis. This major work is the most comprehensive book ever to be published on the sailing ships of war of the United States Navy, from colonial times to the fast all-sailing men-of-war, built prior to the Civil War. The design and construction of each type is fully described, with comments on trends of technical thought as they affected American ships. Almost like new. Operating as part of the first Submarine Flotilla from Alexandria, Torbay commanded by Anthony Miers, sank or damaged 4 warships.

She carried out several other operations - including the rescue of Commonwealth soldiers froma Cretan beach. An unmarked copy:, binding and contents Fine. Profusely illustrated 30x Cambridge University Press Reprint of the first edition published in A chronolgical and profusely illustrated account of the activities of the Royal Navy, covering all the major operations and many of the smaller actions which took place from March to to June Standard rate postage within the UK.

Bookplate of a well-known naval author. This comprehensive account of the U-boat war covering the period , examines in detail one by one, when, where, and why each German U-boat was sunk. Almost like new; Near-Mint in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. An excellent pictorial history illustrated with photographs with detailed captions.

Fine in Fine pcc. Warship Profile 22 Profile Publications. Profusely illustrated 25x Contains full technical details and operational history of this Kagero class destroyer, illustrated with numerous photographs, drawings of details, and a double-page centrespead plan and side view colour illustration of the vessel. Mainstream 1st pp. Mainstream pp.

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No writing or inscriptions; Fine in pictorial card cover. A fact-filled history of Britain's Navy since the Middle Ages to the early s. Pentland 1st. Hodder xix. The Battle of Trafalgar is told through the diaries, letters and memoirs of the men who wrestled with the enemy, and the elements, and these dramatic personal accounts are supported by extensive original research from logs, muster books and personal files discovered in France, Spain and Britain.

The author paints a vivid picture of the navy and the era, from close-quarter battles and roistering on the streets of London, to the political decisions that built and destroyed whole empires. April 18, Pictorial Histories Publishing viii. The Man and The Legend Bloomsbury 1st. Gift inscription. Royal Navy Submarine Museum. Near-Mint in Near-Fine pictorial paper cover. A brief record of the inception and subsequent development of submarines in the Royal Navy. Illustrated with a photograph and 32 drawings of British submarines.

Conway Maritime 1st. Presentation copy inscribed by author. Stories of the War at Sea Hart-Davis 1st pp. After examining the development of German motor torpedo boats - the 'E'-Boats, the book is concerned principally with their wartime operations off the east and south-east coasts of England, and the actions which they fought are graphically described. This book is a detailed history of one the Royal Navy's most famous warships. HMS Bellerophon, launched in , played a conspicuous part in the battle of the Glorious First of June ; the battle of the Nile ; and the battle of Trafalgar ; However, her crowning glory came six weeks after the battle of Waterloo, when Napoleon, trapped in Rochefort, surrendered to the captain of the ship.

Bellerophon was scrapped in Signed by author. A book in two parts. The first part, covering around 80 pages contains a series of letters written by the author's father Rear-Admiral E. Corson, describing naval life between , including his experiences aboard HMS Caroline during the Battle of Jutland. The second and major part of the book pages covers the author's career in the Royal Navy. Corson joined the Navy in as a 'Special Entry Midshipman' and was serving aboard his first ship, HMS Valiant, when the floating dock holding her at Trincomalee, collapsed, and the battleship was seriously damaged.

His next ship was the Australian destroyer Norman which saw action in the Pacific, and post-war he served in Broadsword, Virago and Vanguard, before taking command of Barrossa. An excellent copy without any writing or inscriptions; Binding VG, contents Fine no dustjacket0 This book describes each phase of the Battle of the Atlantic with much peripheral information about the grim struggle. Prof usely illustrated. This book describes each phase of the Battle of the Atlantic with much peripheral information about the grim struggle. BCA pp. One of the most comprehensive and authoritative guides to the world's navies at date, this major work listsmany thousands of the world's warships.

Information for each class includes construction history, displacement, armament, speed, machinery, dimensions, range, complement, etc. Illustrated with around 3, photographs and accurate line drawings. Overseas postage will be at extra. Extra postage will be required for oversea orders.

This comprehensive encyclopaedia, the first English language edition, lists 6, warships that constitutes the world's fighting fleets at date. Each of the navies is analysed and its ships, aircraft and weapons tabulated and illustrated with over 1, photographs and many line drawings. The entry for each ship or class of ship includes construction history and specifications - concerning displacement, speed, armament, machinery, dimensions, range, manning and fuel capacity, etc.

A historical account of some of the main developments in the evolution of the warship, bringing together detailed information about ancient warships of the Mediterranean, the oared vessels of Venice, Viking ships, Galleys, Galleasses and Galleons, N. European warships, British warships in the 18th century, paddle and screw propelled craft, submarines, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, etc. An excellent comprehensive study. Warship Profile 21 Profile Publications.

An unmarked copy; Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. This book not only gives gives a first-hand account of life on board a Polaris submarine, but it also provides a graphic account of the experiences of the 'Perishers', a group of submarine officers who where undertaking one of the toughest courses in the world in order to realise their ambition and command a submarine. Virtually as new; Near-Mint in pictorial card cover. Maritime 1st pp. Illustrated, 21x Covers battleships, aircraft carriers, aircraft maintenance ships, cruisers and monitors.

Gives the specification and a brief chronological record of each vessel listed. John Murray 1st. An excellent hardback copy without any writing or inscriptions. The author first went to sea in the s as an apprentice in a three-mast, full-rigged ship William Mitchell, but in he left sea to serve in the administration of India and Malaya. In , at the fall of Singapore, the author was serving as a naval volunteer officer. He was bombed and sunk, cast away on desert islands, captured and condemned to death, alone for weeks in total darkness, reprieved by accident, thrown into a prison ship with others, torpedoed and sunk again, this time by the Royal Navy.

He escaped, was recaptured, and was finally sold as slave labour to the Manchurian Railway Company, operating in Sumatra. He was rescued by Lady Louis Mountbatten herself and on the same day took the surrender of a regiment of defeated Japanese forces. The author analyses the strategy and tactics employed in the battle, and relates the experiences of participants, both Japanese and American.

Some ships were engaged in the battle and hundreds more were involved in related peripheral operations. Nearly , men participated. Dozens of ships were sunk, including one of the largest and most powerful battleships ever built, and every facet of naval warfare - surface, submarine, air, and amphibious - was involved.

Almost like new:- Near-Mint in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. Caxton pp. Conway 1st pp. A comprehensive and evocative survey of the world's wrecked warships, from the submerged ships of ancient Rome to the nuclear victims at Bikini Atoll. Including underwater photographs of the wrecks as they lie on the ocean floor, and of excavation in progress. Written by one of the world's foremost experts on underwater archaeology.

Lost Warships is a year visit the great, yet understudied, graveyard, memorial and muscum on the ocean's floor, and the warships that lie there. Lavishly illustrated with over images, half in colour, the underwater tools of archaeology reveal stories of the last desperate sea battle of Antony and Cleopatra; Kublai Khan's seaborne invasion of Medieval Japan; a Viking ship sent to the bottom in a fiery death; British ships of the line lost in Colonial wars; the ironclad USS Monitor and the Confederate submarine CSS Hunley, lost during the US Civil War; the scuttled German High Scas Fleet at Scapa Flow; the bombravaged USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor; and the aircraft carrier Saratoga, sunk by a nuclear explosion in in the first naval tests of atomic weapons.

The history of war at sea, of the rise and fall of empires, of valour and cowardice, sacrifice and survival in the face of battle, lies on the ocean's floor. From famous battles to those long forgotten, the lost warships at the bottom of the sea - these spoils of war - have a story to tell.

He observed much of the action from the crow's nest of his ship, and he also commanded a picket-boat in the Suvla Bay landings. Illustrated with large numbers of previously unpublished photographs and plans, this account is an important addition to the story of this ill-starred campaign. An unmarked copy:- Near-Mint in Fine pictorial card cover. This book features some 48 full-colour, full-page reproductions of lithographs by a Portsmouth artist, William Mitchell , who was commissioned by ships' officers to portray their commands.

Each superb picture is accompanied by a biography of the vessel concerned. The book comprises illustrations of 18 ironclads, 3 battleships, 3 line of battle ships, 2 cruisers, 4 frigates, 9 corvettes, 3 troopships, and several smaller vessels. Bantam Press. In , Sotheby's announced the discovery of a major cache of material relating to the life of Nelson. The treasure trove belonged to descendants of Nelson's best friend, Alexander Davison.

The man who made this extraordinary find - and who subsequently spent over a year validating the material and placing it in the context of Nelson's life - was Martyn Downer. Here, he tells the remarkable historical detecive story behind this great find against the backdrop of Davison's fascinating life. He not only tells the story of Nelson. The treasure trove belonged to decendants of Nelson's best friend, Alexander Davison. The man who made this extrordinary find - and who subsequently spent over a year validating the material and placing it in the context of Nelson's life - was Martyn Downer.

Short stories with a naval theme. Franklin Watts 1st. Brassey's 1st. No writing or inscriptions; spine sun faded titles legible , otherwise contents Very Good. Biographies of 19 Allied naval figures of World War 2. Rear-Admiral R. Burnett: Vice-Admiral H. Burrough: Captain J. Collins; Admiral of the Fleet Sir A. Cunningham; Rear-Admiral Sir H.

Pridham-Whipple: Commodore G. Stokes: Major-General R. This excellent wartime survey of the Royal Navy describes and illustrates the different types of warships and examines how the Navy is manned and run. An above-average ex-library copy no stamps. In this deeply researched volume, the author delves beneath the myths and legends of submarine action and convoy protection to discuss the realities of wolf-pack deployment. An unmarked copy, like new' Near-Mint in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. Privately published. Well over 70 photographs accompanied by informative captions, provide a pictorial record of warships, important events, and life in Plymouth and Devonport between the s and s.

Near-Mint in in pictorial card cover.

Well over photographs accompanied by informative captions, provide a pictorial record of warships, important events, and life in Plymouth and Devonport in the years following the Second World War until the s. Fifth Edition Naval Institute Press xv. Like new; Near-Mint in Near-Mint pictorial hardback cover. Provides an excellent if grim chronological account of all British submarine losses.

The final voyage of each submarine is described, causes of loss evaluated and lengthy extracts from survivors and official reports given. And The Battle of Normandy Pitkin 28pp. An illustrated survey of the uniforms worn at Trafalgar, described rank by rank and nation by nation - Britain, France and Spain, from uniforms of admiral in full dress, through each rank in full dress and undress versions, down to ordinary seaman.

Edges of binding rubbed, spots of foxing. Pictorial cloth hardback cover. Edges of binding rubbed; spots of foxing to contents. Coronet xiii. A Guide The Nelson Society 1st. As new in card cover. Purnell - Phoebus. A very well illustrated review of the warships of World War, together with details of some of the major actions they fought. A very well illustrated review of the various types warships which fought in the First World War, together with details of the major actions they fought.

First published in , this account by John Nicol offers a first-hand account of the life of a seaman during the 18th century, who served with the Royal Navy and Merchant Service. Nicol was on the first ship to Hawaii after the murder of Cook, visited China in , served in the Lady Juliana which took a cargo of female convicts to Australia, and was present at the battle of Cape St.

Southern Newspapers December 1, pp. S: MR. No writing or inscriptions; Hardback. Michael Joseph pp. Autobiography of John Wetherell. Born in Whitby in , Wetherell first joined the British merchant navy serving and trained and qualified as a ships's carpenter, before bing impressed into the Royal Navy. He saw service on HMS Hussar, but after she went aground on the coast of France he was captured and made a prisoner-of-war and spent most of the next eleven years at Charlemont Givet Prison.

Profile Publications An unmarked copy Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. Provides full technical details and operational history of the Italian cruiser Zara which was sunk by in the Battle of Matapan. Profusely illustrated with photographs together with a centrespread plan and side view illustration in colour. Covers sun faded, titles bright. A historical review of Britain's sea power together with an account of the Royal Navy in World War 2. Grub St. The conflict between aircraft and U-boat in WW2 was a desperate one, fought nowhere near as fiercely as over the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic.

Packed with first hand accounts from both sides, this book vividly describes the battles fought between Allied airmen and German or Italian submarines during the war. Nd c This large-format and profusely illustrated book tells the historical background to the disaster of the warship Vasa which sank in Stockholm harbour in , before recounting the attempts at salvage during the 17th century, the rediscovery of the wreck, and the ultimately successful salvage operations which began in the late s.

John Lane. Bound in greenl cloth with gilt titles. School prize inscription, St Margaret's, Westgate-on-Sea. Traces the careers and battle histories of all warships named "London" that served in the British Fleet from the first to hold the name completed in to the "Formidanle"-class battleship "London" first commissioned in Naval Institute Press 1st.

Osprey 1st 80pp. As new; Mint in Mint pictorial card cover. These memoirs, written from his diaries takes his naval career up to Frewen was something of a rebel in the navy, and there is enough spice in his comments on service life to suggest that he could be something of a thorn in the flesh of their Lordships. It would seem that he backed the wrong horse in the Fisher - Beresford quarrel, which may have some bearing on his early retirement in , from a navy which, basically he loved.

Naval Institute Press. This major work contains a massive amount of information, accurate data and illustrations of the naval weapons and weapon systems of the world's navies at date. Extra postage will be required for overseas orders. An unmarked copy. An unmarked copy, like new. This volume, with the emphasis on eye-witness and contemporary material, provides an authoritative account of the Naval War of Illustrated with around images, mostly contemporary.

Crown Publishing 1st. The story of Japan's top secret plan to change the course of World War II using a mammoth submarine a generation ahead of its time. In , the architects of Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor planned a bold follow-up: a classified program to build a fleet of underwater aircraft carriers designed to launch a surprise and potentially devastating attack-this time against New York City and Washington, DC.

Japan built this fleet of top secret submarines-the Sen-toku or I class of subs-which were, by far, the largest and among the most advanced subs of World War II. This entire operation was unknown to US intelligence, despite having broken the Japanese naval code. And the amazing thing is how close the Japanese came to pulling off their mission. Constable 1st.. An unmarked copy Maroon cloth gilt binding and contents Fine. Amber 1st. Covers the history of each of the 1, ships, with details of battles fought and the significance of its design and construction.

Lavishly illustrated with colour and black-and-white photographs, colour artworks, and cutaway views of ships. Grub Street. An excellent unmarked copy:- Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. Wing Commander Gibbs describes his wartime career in torpedo carrying Beauforts on anti-shipping duties from Malta during the first two years of action to the beginning of Tempus pp 23x Virtauuly like new; Near-Mint in pictorial card cover. War memoirs of a young submariner who served mainly in the Mediterranean and Far East, between

Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3) Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3)
Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3) Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3)
Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3) Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3)
Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3) Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3)
Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3) Admirals Tribulation (A Spineward Sectors Novel Book 3)

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