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Unusual Girl Names Starting With . . .

Before you place your last order, we just need you to know about the weirdest and funkiest deals Prime Day has to offer. A lot of these make great gag gifts and stocking stuffers for those that shop for Christmas in July. You'll have to scroll through this list if you're up for a good laugh or two! This water-resistant fanny pack keeps your items safe whenever your hands are busy, like when you're scarfing down a pizza.

Bonus: It makes the best gag gift for your favorite guy! Simply fill the unicorn head with seeds or nuts, position it in your backyard , and wait for the fun to happen. Don't worry: according to Amazon reviewers, squirrels aren't harmed in the act! We get it: You're tired. It might be more functional than you think! The outside of the ounce mug features beautiful white ceramic, but beware of the dark message that lies within.

This hilarious 5-foot round burrito blanket is super soft and versatile. The only risk is traumatizing your child years later when you show her the embarrassing photos. This color night light actually serves a purpose, especially when someone at home is a bit afraid of the dark or just walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

This plush sloth makes flatulence sounds, but it won't stink up the place! It's a great pick for kids who find fart sounds funny. These sandwich bags do exactly the opposite of what you're thinking!

Unusual Girls' Names | POPSUGAR Australia Parenting

Don't worry, if you're ever not in the mood to stare at Nicolas Cage's face, you can easily rub away to reveal a shiny set of sequins. Okay, the concept might sound gross, but poop-themed toys are all the rage.

Mop slippers

And relax, it's just black cherry-flavored cotton candy! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Revealed: 's Most Popular Halloween Costumes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.


A supposedly rare genetic quirk might be more common than we think, according to new research based largely on 23andMe data. Life is like the end of a long fishing line. You never know what you're going to get. Also: Katelyn Ohashi, on paying college athletes; and a Dodgers loss. What happens when your agricultural community runs out of water?

15 Cutest Weird Animals Around

THis dark and incredible doc from Joris Debeij explores that question with beautiful visuals and interviews. There's a reason—actually, a few—and none of them are very flattering to American politicians. Isamu Yamamoto is only 15 years old and he's already the Tony Hawk of riding two skateboards at once.

This might look like a simple chopping board, but it's capable of much more. Invest in this one device, and you'll be able to sharpen, sterilize, weigh, chop and more. Turtles move slowly, which means it's bad news when they find themselves crossing a busy street. If you ever see one on the road, here's how to move it out of harm's way. It is unclear if the charges are related to the Ukraine scandal. Returning an errant ball to the pitch is cool.

Strange But Cute: Axolotl Tattoos

The analysts breaking down the movement as if it were a highlight play is even cooler. But the coolest thing about this whole "play" is that not one drop of beer was spilled. The fan, Hibiki Sato, 26, managed to identify a bus stop and the surrounding scenery from the reflection on Matsuoka's eyes and matched them to a street using Google Maps.

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  • Strange But Cute: Axolotl Tattoos.

Comedian Demi Adejuyigbe is back with his "rejected lyrics," this time for the "Succession" theme. If he really had submitted these, there's no way they would have been turned down.

  1. Mop slippers.
  2. There was an error | BabyCenter.
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  5. Weird Quotes.
  6. Science Education for Diversity: Theory and Practice: 8 (Cultural Studies of Science Education).
  7. The story in "Goodnight Moon," as in all great picture books, comes not so much from an "illustration" of words or pictures with captions, but from an artistic interplay of words and images, and on the first page it is clear that the little bunny is the narrator. Meatless meat has gone mainstream.

    10 Strange Looking Animals That Are Actually Cute

    It's not a race. Well, at least it's not one that this Ferrari is winning. Opioid company executives and owners are set to walk away from the drug overdose crisis as billionaires. See driving-related emissions in your metro area, road by road. We flush a lot about ourselves down the toilet, according to an unusual study of urban waste. My friend in red said that the waves wouldn't come to that area unless he went there to to tempt the gods to hit him. That's just when the massive wave came to try to take him away. At least 16 Kurdish fighters were reported to have been killed as Turkish ground forces assaulted towns in northeastern Syria.

    Bachelor Nation was once a different world than the rest of Hollywood. Now its members are marrying in. Some movies still have the power to lure us off our couches and into the cinema. Others, however, perform so abysmally at the box office that they end up costing their producers millions of dollars.

    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange
    Cute But Strange Cute But Strange

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