The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos

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A. Previous examination of the case

She claims that herself and Mary began to walk, side by side, for quite some time. It is necessary to do penance, for priest, for young people, and for your country. Peter was also there during this time, but did not see Mother Mary, some speculate, because he was not gifted with the same grace that Anneliese had earned through her spiritual suffering. Peter stood by and watched as Anneliese immediately kneeled and began praying.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Anneliese jumped up and began running again with no pain! Look at me! I can walk again! Mother of God has appeared to me! Anne at first thought that Anneliese had finally gone mad, but was reassured by Anneliese that what had happened was indeed real. She repeated it several times, with not so much as a single detail changing. Anneliese told her mother about what Mary had said in regards to the damned, and Anne asked where Peter was. Anneliese responded by telling her that Peter was sitting in the car, in the garage, sobbing and crying.

His emotions had apparently overrun him. Peter had indeed been touched. He was a very unique person, in the sense that he stuck with Anneliese through everything; through every stage of this nightmare, and he supported her and did whatever he could to help. He knew every detail about what was going on, and still decided to stay. They had both been planning a future together both before and during this demonic siege. They would have eventually married, had events not taken such a sinister turn.

Even while these events were still occurring, both of them believed that one day this would all come to an end and they would both move on with their life. Some believe that he may not have understood that Anneliese was suffering so much in the same way that Jesus Christ had in the past. Anneliese also told her mother that she would have three days of peace, but in those three days she must come to a decision to either accept or reject the question which Mother Mary had given her. Needless to say, Anne was frightened by the idea of her daughter suffering for the salvation of so many souls.

They will be damned for eternity, I will be guilty. Often times, during an exorcism of a series of exorcism, the exorcist will ask the demons for the exact time and date of a departure, marking when they will leave.

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There are often lies told, and tactics employed to delay the departure, but more or less the dates and times are accurate for the most part. They were no longer answering as sharply as they were before. They did the normal growling and purring from within Anneliese, but not very much else. Not previously faced with this subtle opposition, the priests were both confused and apprehensive. You must leave! I order you! From time to time, they added some other comments, but ultimately, the priests waited to see what would happen.

Now, the voice that erupts from the containment of a possessed person is something the average human never wants to hear. This voice in itself is in human, and it is filled with rage and hatred and despair. It sounds guttural, and intense, and ethereal. This is not the voice of anything you would want to remember, and it is extremely disturbing. The Voice is an inordinately disturbing and humanly distressing babel. The first few syllables seem to be those of some word pronounced slowly and thickly-somewhat like a tape recording played at a subnormal speed.

You are just straining to pick up the word and a layer of cold fear has already gripped you-you know this sound is alien. But your concentration is shattered and frustrated by an immediate gamut of echoes, of tiny, prickly voices echoing each syllable, screaming it, whispering it, laughing it, sneering it, groaning it, following it. They all hit your ear, while the alien voice is going on unhurriedly to the next syllable, which you then try to catch, while guessing at the first one you lost.

By then, the tiny, jabbing voices have caught up with that second syllable; and the voice has proceeded to the third syllable; and so on. Normally, it would be very hard if not impossible for a demonic, possessing spirit to recite words such as these, as it is horribly painful for them to experience based on their intense hatred for the love and grace of God and religion in general. It goes against everything they exist for, against their entire existence.

Father Renz told them that they would all be praying with the Mother of God. The priests began to sing, and no more than 2 lines into the hymn, the demons began screaming and shrieking in pain and terror, in that horrible, in human voice. She is coming! The priests claimed that their hair stood on end, and that they had never encountered anything like this before. They had never heard this degree of despair and torment emanate from the demons within Anneliese. They seemed to be in genuine turmoil and torment.

All at once, the priests all dropped to their knees to greet Mother Mary as she arrived. He had to say who he was and why he was damned to eternal suffering in Hell. Give us the sign.

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So Fleischmann is gone. Now next. Who is next? The next is Cain, or Nero? Next is Cain. I order you to worship the Holiest Virgin. In the name of the one God in three Persons, the Father…. There was a powerful and drawn out sigh and then silence afterwards. As this process endured, at the end was finally Lucifer, and he was the last one left. To be the only creature on Earth. I wanted to reign… although I was the only creature. I order you to depart and worship the Holiest Virgin.

In the name of the Holiest Virgin and in the name of Jesus… I order you to leave! To leave and never come back. And to worship the Holiest Virgin. Father Renz was searching for the closing prayer to in effect offer a sense of closure to thank God, when startling revelations were made. After only approximately ten minutes of prayer, it was revealed that some demons were still present within Anneliese. It was this exact moment that baffled priests because they could not and would not ever understand.

They all acknowledged that this was indeed something different, and highly unusual. While many looked on at this as a defeat in the physical world, some took it as a final victory in the spiritual warfare that Anneliese was engaged in. There are no definitive answers. But I never would have thought it would be so scary, so horrible. Father Arnold, it is impossible to imagine how they can force a human being. You have no control over yourself anymore. At the time of her death, Anneliese had MANY wounds, bruises, cuts and scrapes all over her head and face, as well as broken teeth from the times she attempted to bit stone and eat it.

Before her death, the priests had asked a doctor to give her drugs, to ease her suffering. He refused, claiming that he had no idea how a possessed person would react. Her mother, Anne, also recalls noticing this as well, with the markings first appearing on her feet and then days later, on her hands as well. At this time, Anneliese was tormented, demonically, literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There was no respite, no form of a rest. People who had seen her had seen Anneliese claim that she looked extremely emaciated and frail.

It was revealed that at times, she would eat a banana, or would shout out for someone to give her something to eat. The priests witnessed Anneliese gobble down food at times as fast as she could and as much as she could, and they recall even one occasion where she drank 2 liters of juice. They actually believed that it was these binges that were keeping her alive and claim to have never thought that she would die of starvation. On July 1, Anneliese died in her sleep. The priests were not there at the time, and did not believe that she had actually passed away.

They requested that Doctor Roth go to the home and confirm that this was indeed the case. The family called their family doctor, and when he arrived, he pronounced Anneliese dead. She put herself through a living Hell in this world to save others from an eternal hell in another realm. At the time of her death, she had signs of the stigmata , and on the whole, many of the case history presented above is mirrored in the life of the unofficial Saint Padre Pio, who went through the same diabolical torment and then the stigmata as well right before his own death.

Without drawing conclusions, I will tell you that Anneliese believed with every fiber of her being that she was under siege by the devil. So did the priests who dedicated so much of themselves to try to help her, and so did her parents, siblings, and her boyfriend.

This is a case that when reviewed in depth as I have, genuinely disturbs the psyche, and forces you to think. In reality, this article took me almost two weeks to write due to a combination of things such as research, constant reading, media hunting, and technological difficulties while trying to format all of the same media correctly. I also had trouble because for some reason, I was only able to write during the daylight hours which was compounded due to the fact that my job was interfering as well.

Certain topics here just made my skin crawl, and I will tell you the truth, listening to that audio time and time again, it definitely messed with my head a bit, especially in my house, with its own paranormal infestation. If you are religious, please say a prayer for her. If you are not, at least try not to mock the people, like me, who do believe. And by all means, I truly apologize if you rad through this article and listened to the audio, and watched the video at night. You have my genuine apology for that. In closing, all media which was included in this article is available, upon request.

Everything that can be said about this case has been. The only person who died for the sins of many is Jesus Christ the living Son of God. He alone atoned for the sins of the whole world and he alone is able to save. We have salvation and deliverance in the name of Jesus — and in his name alone. No one will ever need to die for the sins of anyone. Hebrews 10 — says that Jesus suffered once and for all and through this sacrifice, we have been sanctified.

Hallelujah to the only precious lamb of God! Let anyone who reads this not fear the kingdom of darkness. Jesus died and rose and he lives forever. Colossians says that Jesus triumphed over the forces of darkness and made a public spectacle of them. The devil and his advocates are defeated forever in Jesus Name and what remains is their eternal final condemnation in the lake of fire! Readers give your lives to Jesus and you will be saved. It should also be noted that multiple Saints involved in Judeo-Christian religions have also undergone much suffering in order to save others as well.

Religion itself is questionable. Religion is based on blind faith where one believes in all of the teachings of said religion without a single shred of proof. So to say that Jesus died for our sins and is the only one who is able to absolve you of past transgressions is one of several points of religious view. I also see that people in order to add weight to their statements quote the bible which was not written by god by by man who is fallible.

If you can believe one and not believe the other is hypocrisy. I believe that there is good and evil and that not one single religion has it right. Still people follow religion. This girl may have well been possessed by evil entities. As the outside observer its our duty to know and remember her story so that it was not for nothing. Not to impose ones religious convictions on a story which made reference to something as silly as having a vision of a Virgin Mary asking for personal sacrifice. I find it hard to believe that after reading such an article, THAT was the point that you wanted to make above all else.

I have also been demon posessd. I was placed on halidol. I understand the sevirityof what emily went through. I opend the gates of hell. I had hands laid on me in paris. I to have seen demons. I have been saved since God bless those who have been through this or are going through this now. I am with C. M all the way. Lexila, with all due respect, how do you NOT see whats right and wrong after this article. Jesus Christ is just as real as Satan is but the world we live in today, finds Sin and Satan so much more fascinating that Christ. I also do not believe that the Virgin Mary came to Anneliese.

That was a demon coming off as Mary. Satan is clever in his ways of getting humans to believe what he is doing is right and so many humans fail to see the true Love and Light of Jesus Christ. Many people have said what you have, that the Bible was written by man. Yes, it was written by man but only physically. God spoke his word through those men and woman so that our generation and the many more to come, will see, believe and understand Jesus Christ for he was and still is the Lord of Lords.

Because God is waiting for you to open your eyes and your heart to him. He is knocking on the door of your heart and will never give up. It is the most rewarding thing you could ever do for yourself. Please be informed first before launching an attack on my readers. They may not be that well versed in research, but I am. As a Catholic I find some Protestant Christians very ignorant. They just like to continually perpetuate sexist views. What you have stated above is spot on. Any Exoricist will tell you that the Virgin Mary is well repected in many religions and by demons who are in possession.

Perhaps it is because Mary prays for them that her son might still save them. Linn Davis, I would assume halidol was the medication your doctor gave you for your schizophrenia, which would also explain why you hallucinated that demons were choking you. People who see, or believe in, demons are mentally ill. Thank you for proving this fact. Scott Peck, a psychiatrist who came face to face with a possession two that he deemed to be legitimate, despite his own conflicting beliefs. He claimed these experiences turned him into a believer overnight. Regardless of what you believe, I think you would enjoy this book either way.

People often say stupid things. You for instance make a statement that defies common sense and the reality of the nature of faith. Blind faith is a term made up by Atheists to try and intimidate those of us who have found evidence for our faith and truth in the words of Jesus Christ. By faith we understand the world was formed by the word of God, and things that we see were caused to come into being, out of things that are not apparent and not seen. Think of this, Paul is saying long before quantum physics and understanding of the atom, that all we see is created from things that are not apparent and not seen.

He understood and was telling believers that there is a world going on beyond our perceptions that is apparent but not seen, By faith we take what we see as evidence of the things not seen. It is not blind but rooted in the reality of what we see. It is looking around us and understanding that there is more here than meets the physical eye. Faith speaks to that part of us that intuitively knows this. Those who like this person scream the loudest that faith is blind, do so to shout over the voice in themselves of the truth.

To be convinced themselves they need to convince others that they are correct. True faith does not need validation from others but is evidenced by what we see and perceive of the creation around us. Moral relativism 19 The works of nature are clear evidence of an intelligent creation and creator. Because of this, their understanding, the very seat of their intelligence, became dark without the light of God. I highlighted what I clearly see as direct references to the philosophies that are driving our culture and are a driving force to what we are seeing unfolding in the world today.

Do not listen to those who tell you faith is blind, it is not. The Bible or scripture is God invoked men that God appionted wrote exactly as God wanted. The Bible or Torah is man written God breathed. The breath you take everyday is given you by God. I think u need to take a moment before saying u find it hard to believe this article. Theres a lot of crazy things in this world happening, and this story is def way off the charts. I think no one should have a biased opinion on this matter regarding this girl. U dont know what she went thru, her family who had to deal with it on a constant daily basis or the priests.

This is their perspective. If you dont believe keep ur matters of opinion to urself. Have some respect, bcoz at the end of the day this is all a mystery. You are judging at the wrong time especially when you did not witness anything with ur own eyes. The Big Bang is the same, believe without proof. To ridicule others always makes you look silly. God believes in you and he works in our lives everyday, you just have to not be blinded by doubt. Anything is possible. The problem with these debates are that they all involve topics that people feel passionately about, and the problem is that passion is often times blinding.

Those are beliefs based on faith. Simply put, faith is belief in the non-tangible and non-evident. I may believe that the tree in my backyard is actually the god of rain personified. I may even pray to it, and make offerings of water. But that belief is based on my faith. CNM is right. Only Jesus Christ can save not the devil pretending to be the virgin mary.

I find it very telling when a lot so called educated people modern bibles are for better understanding because kj is hard to understand. That is what I heard before I looked into it myself. I was surprised to see how simple it was to understand. Then I read many articles comparing it to other bibles. I read both sides of the argument and have found that logic is on the kjv side. The KJV is written more like the old biblical times whereas the NIV is too modernized like your every day regular book. That his sacrifice and resurrection saved us. So this poor girl was at the point of being tricked by Satan and believing she was seeing Mary and Mary was telling her these things.

Satan can assume any form and is the master of lies. He used her kindness, faith, love, and physical weakness against her. It is sad no one could see this skeleton of a woman needed to be hospitalized before she ultimately succumb when looking at the pictures it was so obvious that physically she was on her deathbed whether possessed or not. She needed medical care she did not get.

God rest her soul. I am in agreement with CNM. Jesus Christ atoned for the sims of the world. They are masters of deception. Why would the priests require the demons tk worshii her and not Jesus Christ, son of the living God? My mom is so like this. As an open minded Catholic we are taught that Our Lady intercedes for us with her Son. Nobody is saying she takes His place. This article was thoroughly researched and a lot of work went into the writing. I did like the fact that the visions of Our Lady were also mentioned the movie.

Educate yourself. In the movie I always think how wrong it was to prosecute the Father Moore character. The Emily character was over 19 and an adult able to make her own decisions. Son of God? What kind of creature you think god is? Well let me tell you he is not a human. He is beyond our imagination and you think he has a son!!!

There is only ONE god. Jesus is not a god. He was prophet and he did not suffer for other peoples sins. Because this is stupid and not fair. You think you will do anything you want because someone already paid the price and you will go to heaven? What an easy test to pass!!! I have read this documentary and very greatly appreciate the amount of work and research that went into such a controversial matter. It is very hard for people to imagine the horror that the tormented and posessed experience. I myself have seen the terror that some have and am searching for ways to help people with demonic opression.

Honestly, thank you for the kind words. I had originally started out trying to condense it into a smaller article, but there was obviously far too much information to include. Felicitas Goodman if you want even further reading on the topic, including documents obtained directly from the Priests, as well as the attorneys who participated in the trial. As far as your gift, honestly, use it to the best of your ability, but tread carefully.

The demonic is nothing to be messed with, especially if you are inexperienced. You could very quickly become their next target if they feel that you are impeding their endgame. I removed this comment from the site because it was visible to everyone. The Virgin Mary is the closest to Jesus, a son will usually obey his mother. What better way to get Jesus to hear us: His mother stands by his side and yes this is why she is prayed too as well as her son and his father.

Mary was just a human like other people. She was chosen so that Jesus can be born in this world. And she was virgin when Jesus was born but after that she married Joseph and has children. She passed away and is in Paradise just like the normal people. Only jesus was raised on the 3rd day. Not Mary or anyone else in this world.

The word used for brother has other interpretations and does not mean only a direct relative. Consider this, if God went so far as to provide incredible specifications which were repeated 2 times in Exodus, less we miss the point as to how the ark of the covenant and the tent of worship were to be fashioned to house His presence, how much would he also do to ensure that the purity, holiness, and worthiness of the vessel to bear his only son?

If you review 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles , you will see that God struck down those that dared touch the ark of the covenant. So, why would he allow anyone, including St. Joseph, to violate Mary, the ark of the new covenant? If God has assigned Mary graces and responsibilities regarding His people, and upon testing it, we can determine that is the case, we should respect that, right?

Well, hundreds of recorded exorcisms seem to reveal that Mary has indeed been given a role to intercede for us and help stomp on the head of the serpent. I believe we should also respect her for her willingness to plead for mercy on behalf of us poor sinners. This is what I dont understand how can such a religious person get possessed like this, where was the Holy spirit in all of this.. Possession can take hold of anyone for any reason. As a matter of fact, it is usually the MORE religious people who wind up being possessed. There are a startling amount of cases in which nuns and priests have been possessed.

Some of the Saints had also struggled their entire lives to resist being possessed, and were the prime targets of possession. Jesus Himself was also tempted by the devil in the desert to submit, but he never did. There is no criteria for possession, but it seems that the holier the person, the more of a high-value target that person is. This servant of God is now my tormented slave! Do we have examples of children being possessed? Why does it not make sense to possess children who may be, we can assume, physically, morally and emotionally less capable of resisting a demon.

Do we have examples of people who were brought up in Atheist households who never picked up on a religion being possessed? Im tryin 2 get as much information about exorcisms as possible and so if you got any available information can u gmail me at adamdroid13 gmail. Scripture is clear on that. Read the book of Hebrews on that, and see how most of the traits of these heretical churches match the Roman Catholic church. Why do people think Catholic faith and Catholic ritual are effective against the demonic? Because the closer they are to God the more the Devil wants them?

A very satanic trait!!. Demons are doing what God orders them to do. It explains all this very well. What would be the point in the that. The closer a person is to God the more likely they will suffer. Satan targets them deliberately. The lord did it so as to strick the soul that doupted the he lived another world which is spiritual and to heal our faith.

Praise God dear friend. He is Great. Another thing to remember, although someone may be made to suffer here on earth there is an after-life that is so much more, why would GOD be concerned about someone suffering here on earth when after they die there soul will be with him in heaven for so much longer than their suffering on earth? People tend to get angry with god for allowing a loved one to die but to me that is just people reacting on their own feelings of not wanting that person to leave THEM, if you think about it you should rejoice and be happy for those passing on, they are going to a much better place.

In Islam we believe the same, that nothing happens without the will of God, therefore a Jinn demon cannot possess a person unless Allah has allowed it to do so. It may be a means through which the Almighty tests the individual and their families as you would need so much strength and patience in taking care of a possessed loved one.

An amazing article, thank you for sharing. You said what I was thinking. Your correct. At the time of this tragic case they had even fewer answers. As to the mental condition of Anneliese I would say that her tuberculosis kicked off an unstable mental state. Possibly a multiple personality disorder, which explains many things including here pupils dilating hugely so her eyes appeared black, combined with epilepsy and severe schizophrenia which would explain all the things she saw.

What we also have to take into account is that no 2 people are alike. We share similarities in our genetic make up but at certain times we can be hugely different. So naturally she puts her faith in what she knows and claims to be possessed. I wish she could have been kept in a hospital for a year or two and have thorough analysis and treatment. She believed she was possessed. The priests told her the demons had left. I think what we should focus on is this extraordinary girl who faced such a harrowing life of abject terror and upset, the very depths of insanity that she reached are frightening.

That is what saddens me. That both religion and science failed Anneliese. While I am an agnostic it is for people like her I wish that there is a Heaven. Thank you for your kind, rational reply. I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which commonly produces a variety of either ecstatic or horrifying hallucinations, though typically does not produce violent behavior. In the case of Anneliese, it is quite possible that another brain disorder ravaged her as well. And I have certainly plead for the intercession of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin when recovering from one seizure in which I felt myself slipping into what seemed like insanity, just before I was gripped by another.

One tends to cling to what is familiar and comforting, whatever can make some sense of the agony. At the same time, I have raged at God like a fishwife. After all, even Christ asked why he was forsaken as he hung on the cross. People with epilepsy and other brain disorders are not demoniacs.

In-order to sanctify our souls, we must suffer for that is what we are here for. How can we just live a pretty life on earth, have everything we want then expect to walk into heavens gate just like that. Giving ourselves to god for an hour each day is penance for our sins. Thanking him! Asking for forgivness. It was through woman that jesus came forth into the world and jesus love him mother, and when she died, not only did her soul went up into the heavens but her body.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, not just the ones who were alive when he died. He died on the cross for mine and your sins. Remember how he went to hell to save the souls and bring them to heaven? He just tries to make us see the light. He loves us, but we all punish ourselves for our actions. If we murder, we go to jail. If we lie, we get caught. Those who show no remorse are a completely different story when it comes to certain matters. But those who do wrong and are sorry and ask God for forgiveness are forgiven.

We are His children. He is our father. Which is love! Everyone sins, Clair, everyday. Jagaria Filed AMT. Eshaan , filed the instant action against the defendants, Jignesh Jagaria and Novak Hospitality, Inc. On appeal, the plaintiffs argue that the court erred in determining that the confidentiality provision is contrary to public policy because allegations of the amended complaint do not establish that the parties violated federal bank fraud laws.

Frazier Filed AMT. After a bench trial in the circuit court of Marion County, defendant was convicted of criminal sexual assault based upon a position of trust, supervision, or authority and sentenced to four years in the Department of Corrections to be followed by three years to life of mandatory supervised release. Warren Filed AMT. Following his conviction for unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, defendant, filed a notice of appeal on January 27, Appeal dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Union Pacific Railroad Co. Plaintiff, an employee of Union Pacific Railroad Company, sustained injuries to his leg while he was assigned to work in a rail yard operated by Belt Railway Company of Chicago.

Plaintiff made an offer of proof regarding the alternative drop off locations. The jury returned a verdict in favor of defendants. For the following reasons, we reverse and remand for a new trial. Defendant Ronald Daniels appeals from the order of the circuit court of Cook County denying his petition under section of the Code of Civil Procedure to vacate his conviction for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Shinaul, IL , as to whether there is appellate jurisdiction to consider the reinstatement of the nol-prossed counts, and, if so, whether those counts can be reinstated. Petitioner, Lynn D. We reverse and remand. Gaming Board issued a statement on its website asserting a position that certain Sweepstakes Kiosks were gambling devices subject to the Video Gaming Act. It then cause certain of those devices to be seized.

Owners of the devices and their software, sued in replevin and for an injunction to preclude the Board from issuing such pronouncements. Trial court concluded, on cross-motions for judgment on the pleadings, that the Court Lacked the authority to direct the Board concerning what it could and not publish on its website, and that the Board lacked the power to seize the devices.. To the extent that the circuit court made a contrary finding, its judgment is reversed.

The circuit court erred when it ruled that the Gaming Board lacked the authority to conduct the seizure of the Kiosks. Accordingly, the judgment of the circuit court of La Salle County is reversed. Express Cab Dispatch, Inc. In January , the State charged defendant, Luis H. Avelar, with three counts of violation of an order of protection. The order of protection at issue prohibited defendant from being within feet of his ex-girlfriend, L. At the March jury trial, the evidence showed that defendant picked up two of his children from L.

Defendant then called L. When L. Police later arrested defendant for violating the order of protection. On appeal, defendant argues that two of his convictions for violation of an order of protection must be vacated because they violate the one-act, one-crime doctrine. We disagree and affirm. Taylor, Leif M. McCarthy, and Eldon L. He sought a writ of mandamus, declaratory relief, and a common-law writ of certiorari. Plaintiff appeals. In our de novo review, we agree with the trial court that the count for declaratory judgment, count II, is legally insufficient in its entirety.

We disagree, however, that the remaining two counts are legally insufficient in their entirety. On appeal, King Koil contends that the court erred in barring the introduction of certain evidence at trial and refusing to order Harris to produce specific documents in discovery. Finally, King Koil maintains that the jury verdict was against the manifest weight of the evidence. Scott v. For the reasons that follow, we reverse the judgment against GIT. We confirm. The plaintiff, Phoungeun Thounsavath, filed a complaint for declaratory judgment against the defendant, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

The plaintiff sought a declaration that, as applied to her, the driver exclusion endorsement in the automobile liability policies issued to her by State Farm violated section a-2 of the Illinois Insurance Code and the public policy of Illinois. State Farm answered the complaint and filed a counterclaim for declaratory judgment, seeking a declaration that the plaintiff was not entitled to underinsured coverage under her automobile liability policies with State Farm.

State Farm appeals. Defendant, Leonard R. The trial court denied the motion and defendant appealed. Fricks, No. On remand, defendant was represented by attorney Gary V. The trial court denied that motion. This appeal followed. In August , the dam failed, and the lake emptied. The individual board members also filed motions for summary judgment seeking dismissal of the breach of contract claims. Johnson-Downs Construction Inc. Defendant Johnson-Downs Construction, Inc.

Johnson-Downs filed a motion to stay the action pending the resolution of the underlying case, which the trial court granted. We reverse and remand with directions. Orthopedic and Shoulder Center, S. Second, asserting the health-care services lien was a breach of contract, but it was not consumer fraud. Plaintiff, Wells Fargo Bank, N. Following a hearing, the trial court granted summary judgment for Wells Fargo on the mortgage foreclosure complaint. A jury found Darnell Richmond guilty of aggravated criminal sexual assault, based largely on DNA evidence.

Richmond now appeals from the dismissal of his postconviction petition as patently without merit. Defendant Otis Williams, who was convicted of murder, presented alibi testimony at his third-stage postconviction evidentiary hearing in support of his claim of ineffective assistance of trial counsel. Grand , which had leased the taxicab to Allamuradov.

On appeal, McNerney challenges the grant of summary judgment in favor of and Grand. Hartford Underwriters Insurance Co. In these consolidated appeals, plaintiffs-appellant appeal from the dismissal, with prejudice, of four separate putative class-action lawsuits filed against defendants-appellees. Stewart Title Guaranty Co. The instant appeal arises from a breach of contract dispute regarding a title insurance policy for a multiunit residential building in Chicago, Illinois. Following a bench trial, the trial court found in favor of defendant, finding that defendant did not breach any duties it owed to plaintiff under the policy.

TimCal, Inc. This case involves an insurer's duty to defend or indemnify an insurance agent for negligent placement of insurance coverage that allegedly caused another insurer to incur damages. In July , TimCal, Inc. Defendant, Barron Lewis, was found guilty of aggravated criminal sexual assault in , and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

West Petitioner West Loop Associates, Inc. The trial court appointed a third prosecutor, who proceeded with the contempt process and took the case to trial. After hearing factors in aggravation and mitigation, the trial court sentenced him to six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections IDOC. On appeal, Sylla raises a number of issues concerning the propriety of the indirect criminal contempt proceedings. United Equitable Insurance Co. After a jury trial, defendant, Jennifer N. We affirm the judgment of the trial court. Defendant, Michael T. We agree, and thus we reverse his conviction.

Strenger died during the pendency of the lawsuit, and the trial court appointed defendant, Gail Strenger Wayne, as her special representative. Defendant, Ray A. Brown, Jr. Finally, defendant contends that a number of monetary assessments were imposed by the circuit clerk without authority, and he requests that this court vacate those assessments.

In February , a jury found defendant, Byron J. Merriweather, guilty of first degree murder. In May , the trial court sentenced him to 70 years in prison. On direct appeal, this court affirmed his conviction. In December , defendant filed a pro se postconviction petition, which the trial court dismissed as frivolous and patently without merit.

This court affirmed. On appeal, defendant argues 1 this court should vacate his de facto life sentence and remand for resentencing and 2 the trial court erred in denying him leave to file a successive postconviction petition. This matter concerns consolidated Petitions by the Union and the Secretary of State seeking to clarify whether the above noted employees are public employees, and thus members of the Collective Bargaining Unit.

The Statute amended during the pendency of the Unions initial Peitition specifically excludes Executives I and higher, and the the DFM's are excluded as a person whose position authorizes direct or indirect input into government decision-making issues where there is room for principled disagreement on goals or their implementation. A jury found defendant, Byron J. Merriweather, who was 17 at the time of the crime, guilty of first degree murder and the trial court sentenced him to 70 years in prison.

In February , defendant filed a pro se motion for leave to file a successive postconviction petition, which the trial court denied in March Defendant's Pro se petition alleged new evidence of innocence. On Appeal from the denial, he also raised the issue that his 70 year sentence was a de facto license and the statute under which he was sentenced was unconstitutional as applied.

Our Supreme Court has found the unconstitutional as applied rule regarding youthful offenders promulgated by Millerv v Alabama was a new substantive rule for which defendants whose convictions or final may seek to benefit off through appropriate collateral proceedings. In this case, that appropriate collateral proceeding is a successive postconviction petition.

Thus, to raise his claim through a successive postconviction petition, defendant must obtain leave from the trial court. We note the arguments defendant has advanced for the first time on appeal may well convince the trial court to grant defendant such leave. A successive postconviction petition may only be filed if leave of court is granted.

Jackson screams and flails; one officer uses his taser on Jackson, striking him 10 times. Another officer tries to grab Jackson and gets kicked in the shins. Jackson resists being placed in handcuffs. Jackson is charged and convicted of battery and resisting arrest. Pursuant to a negotiated guilty plea, defendant George Grigorov1 was convicted of aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol ADUI and driving on a revoked or suspended license. Grigorov now appeals from an order denying his petition for revocation of fines based upon his alleged inability to pay.

Miller requests reversal of his conviction based on each of these alleged errors. Pursuant to guilty pleas, defendant Joseph Griffin was convicted of burglary in case No. More than 30 days after sentencing in both cases, Griffin filed a pro se motion to correct the mittimus to reflect a different custody date for purposes of calculating presentence detention credit.

Accordingly, we dismiss the appeal. In the direct appeal of his first-degree murder conviction, defendant, Lorenzo Kent, Jr. Petitioner, Leonard A. For the following reasons, we affirm in part, vacate in part, and remand for further proceedings. Plaintiff Jerry L. Barnes, a former bankruptcy debtor, sued defendants Daniel R. United Contractors , for personal injuries Barnes allegedly sustained during an automobile accident.

Lend Lease Construction, Inc. Plaintiff William M. Lend Lease and other defendants for injuries he allegedly sustained while working at a construction site at North Clark Street in Chicago. Defendant, Randy Etherton, appeals from a final judgment of conviction of a single count of residential burglary, a Class 1 felony. Defendant was sentenced to 20 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and was ordered to serve 3 years mandatory supervised release. Defendant John Schlosser was convicted, after a bench trial, of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of aggravated battery and two counts of home invasion and sentenced to a total of 22 years with the Illinois Department of Corrections IDOC.

Schlosser, No. Since the vacated sentences ran concurrently to sentence which were affirmed, the aggregate sentence did not change and appellate counsel did not seek a remand for resentencing. For the following reasons, we agree and we remand to allow the appointment of new counsel and further second-stage consideration. Peters now appeals from the order confirming the sale.

For the following reasons, we affirm the judgment of the circuit court of Cook County. Respondent appeals this order, claiming that it constitutes an improper injunction that deprives him of his due process rights. Following a bench trial in the Du Page County circuit court, defendant, Calvin Johnson, was convicted of criminal sexual assault, aggravated domestic battery, aggravated battery, and two counts of unlawful restraint. He appeals, contending that 1 he was not proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; and 2 the trial court committed plain error by requiring him to submit to a sex-offender evaluation when he was subject to a mandatory prison sentence.

See Ill. We affirm in part and vacate in part. In each case, a controlled substance was discovered during a traffic stop. The appellate court affirmed, holding that the conduct of the special investigator exceeded the scope of section b. Voga Filed ATH.

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Reversed in part and affirmed in part. Community Health Care Clinic, Inc. Filed In April , plaintiff, David S. Carroll, filed a medical malpractice complaint against defendants, Community Health Care Clinic, Inc. Clinic , Paul Pedersen, M. The next month, Dr. Pedersen and McGinnes also filed a section motion to dismiss, alleging they were both immune from liability under section 30 of the Good Samaritan Act and Dr. Pedersen was also immune under section After hearing, the circuit court granted the motions to dismiss with prejudice finding both doctors and the Clinic immune from liability.

Madigan Filed Although plaintiffs are flight attendants from New Zealand, the aircraft was over the Pacific Ocean when the incident occurred. The circuit court denied that petition without an evidentiary hearing. We now affirm the judgment. Dreyfuss, M. Defendant, Trance N. Martin, appeals his September conviction of aggravated driving under the influence DUI in violation of section d 1 H of the Illinois Vehicle Code. In , a court found Sean Gunderson, charged with attempted murder, not guilty by reason of insanity. The trial court denied the petition. We find the statute constitutional.

The underlying case involved default on a note and mortgage. Defendant Dieuseul Brown was convicted after a bench trial of armed violence, unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Brown appealed, challenging his sentences on one-act, one-crime principles. Biomat USA, Inc. For the following reasons, this instant appeal is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Plaintiff Megan Racky, special administrator of the estate of Michael J. This appeal involves a wrongful death action based on alleged medical negligence.

The action was brought by plaintiff Agnes Holloway as special administrator of the estate of her deceased husband Byron Byars. The circuit court ultimately granted the motions to dismiss and entered judgment for the defendants. The court determined that the plaintiff's complaint was a nullity and that she did not establish good cause for failing to comply with section a 1 of the Code. For the reasons set forth below, we reverse and remand for further proceedings. In October , the State charged respondent, Dustyn W. Respondent appeals, arguing that the condition of probation excluding him from the University campus was an unconstitutional infringement on his right to travel.

We vacate both assessments because they constitute fines that were imposed by the circuit clerk. Commission decision reversed in circuit court; reinstated in appellate court. My Pillow, Inc. Maggio Filed ATH. Defendant was convicted after a jury trial of one count of first degree murder and sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Defendant appeals his conviction and sentence, arguing his trial counsel was ineffective and the trial court erred by 1 failing to instruct the jury on involuntary manslaughter and 2 considering his refusal to participate in the presentence investigation in aggravation at sentencing.

In December , plaintiff, Barbara Monson, sued defendant, the City of Danville City , requesting compensation for injuries she sustained as a result of her tripping and falling onto a sidewalk the City maintained. Church Filed ATH. After a stipulated bench trial, the defendant was convicted of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance under an accountability theory and sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment. The issues raised on appeal are 1 whether defendant was proven guilty of delivery of a controlled substance by accountability beyond a reasonable doubt and 2 whether defendant knowingly and voluntarily waived his right to a jury trial.

Advantage Insurance Services, Inc. This case comes to us following a jury trial, a direct appeal, a supervisory order, and three rounds of supplemental briefing. The question presented here is whether a conviction under the portion of the aggravated unlawful use of a weapon AUUW statute found to be unconstitutional under People v.

Aguilar, IL , and People v. Defendant, James Karaganis, appeals a judgment entered in the Lake County circuit court in favor of plaintiff, the board of managers of the Inverrary Condominium Association, pursuant to the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act.

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Petitioner, Dealers Service, Inc. It argues the court erred in finding it was ineligible to obtain a tax deed due to interests it held in the property. In December , plaintiff, Steven C. Englum, was employed as a police officer by defendant, the City of Charleston City —a non-home-rule municipality—when he was injured while exiting his police cruiser. Englum v. We agree with the City on its first point. Following a bench trial, defendant Derrick Martin was convicted of possession of a controlled substance and sentenced to five years in prison.

The trial court dismissed on grounds of res judicata the medical malpractice suit filed by plaintiff, Robert Kantner, against defendants, Ladonna Jo Waugh, M. The court noted that res judicata bars claim-splitting, and it determined that plaintiff split his claims. Plaintiff appeals, acknowledging that he split his claims, but arguing, inter alia, that the agreement-in-effect exception applied. The trial court misunderstood the law to require an express agreement. Accordingly, we reverse and remand. Following a bench trial, which joined together two of his separate, but related, criminal cases, defendant George Gatlin was found guilty of aggravated battery in case number 14 CR and aggravated battery in case number 14 CR Defendant, Antwon L.

Dismuke, appeals from his conviction of being an armed habitual criminal, following a jury trial in the circuit court of Kane County. He raises three arguments on appeal. Second, he argues his attorney rendered ineffective assistance of counsel by failing—for purposes of perfecting impeachment—to have a third party present for a conversation she had with the victim in a hallway outside the courtroom. Third, he contends that the fines, fees, and costs order must be corrected to reflect pretrial credit.

We affirm and correct the mittimus. After a jury trial, defendant Sergio Hernandez was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Rocio Munoz and of personally discharging the firearm that caused her death. Defendant was sentenced to 30 years for the murder and 25 years as a result of a firearm enhancement, for a total sentence of 55 years with the Illinois Department of Corrections IDOC. For the following reasons, we reverse defendant's conviction, suppress the statement he made at the police station and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

Defendant, Robert Dalton, appeals from the denial of his postconviction petition at the third stage. Defendant also appeals the sua sponte dismissal of his section petition. We reverse and remand for further proceedings. The defendant-appellant, Kory Alexander, was found guilty by a jury of first degree murder.

However, in a special interrogatory, the jury found that it had not been proven that defendant discharged a firearm during the commission of the offense. The trial court sentenced defendant to 40 years in prison on the first degree murder conviction. Petty Filed ATH. Defendant argues that the trial court should have granted his motion to quash arrest and suppress uniform product code UPC labels seized from his car.

We hold that the plain-view doctrine applies and the trial court properly denied his motion. Defendant also asserts the prosecutor argued facts not in evidence to the jury in closing; shifted the burden of proof to the defense; and commented on his post-arrest silence, failure to testify, and failure to present evidence in his defense. We find no errors requiring reversal. Defendant, Jose Ramon Villanueva, Jr. Tucker Filed ATH. The defendant, Joe C. Tucker, Jr. Appointed counsel filed an amended postconviction petition, alleging ineffective assistance of trial and appellate counsel. The State filed a motion to dismiss the amended petition, and the motion was granted by the trial court.

The defendant filed a timely appeal, asserting that the trial court erred in dismissing his amended petition without a third-stage evidentiary hearing, when the defendant had alleged sufficient facts to make a substantial showing that his constitutional rights had been violated. For the reasons that follow, we reverse the order of dismissal and remand the matter for an evidentiary hearing. Brace Filed ATH. The defendant pleaded guilty to the offense of unlawful possession of methamphetamine precursors without a prescription while having a previous methamphetamine conviction.

In March , the trial court sentenced her to one year in prison. In April , defendant filed a motion to withdraw her guilty plea, which the court granted. In a May stipulated bench trial, the court found defendant guilty and reimposed the one-year sentence. Schneidewind Filed ATH. The plaintiff, Edward Kuykendall, filed an action in the circuit court of St.

Clair County, against the defendants, alleging fraud, breach of contract, and violations of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act Consumer Fraud Act arising from the purchase of a commercial property. The defendants moved to dismiss the action with prejudice under section a 9 of the Code and requested attorney fees and costs under a fee-shifting provision in the purchase agreement. The defendants also sought sanctions under Illinois Supreme Court Rule The plaintiff appealed from the order of dismissal, and the defendants cross-appealed from the order denying attorney fees and sanctions.

For reasons that follow, we reverse the order of dismissal, affirm the order denying sanctions, and remand the cause for further proceedings. On appeal, the defendant argued that the trial court committed error in admonishing prospective jurors pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule b eff. May 1, and that, despite his failure to object to that error, he was entitled to a new trial because the evidence was closely balanced.

For the reasons that follow, we reverse and remand for further proceedings. In this appeal, we examine the propriety of a growing practice in the appellate court of declining to consider ineffective assistance of counsel claims on direct review. A majority of the appellate court affirmed, holding that the record was inadequate to resolve the issue. The majority encouraged defendant to raise the issue in a postconviction petition. We reverse the judgment of the appellate court and remand the cause to the appellate court for further review. The appellate court affirmed. For the following reasons, we affirm the judgment of the appellate court.

The two consolidated appeals before this court concern the duties owed by an agent to a principal under a power of attorney for property. In her capacity as executor, Ruth Ann filed two actions on behalf of the estates in the circuit court of Grundy County against her brother, Rodney Shelton. Both actions concerned quitclaim deeds signed by Thomas in which conveyed farmland to Rodney and his wife. The circuit court dismissed both actions pursuant to sections a 9 and of the Code of Civil Procedure, respectively.

The cases were consolidated on appeal. For the reasons that follow, we affirm the judgment of the appellate court and remand the cause to the circuit court for further proceedings. Wells Filed ATH. Defendant filed a collateral petition and appeal from his year negotiated guilty plea conviction, and this court remanded for withdrawal of the plea. The State reinstated certain charges, and following a jury trial, defendant was found guilty of aggravated battery of a senior citizen and robbery and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Defendant appeals arguing, among other claims, that the trial court erred in denying his motion to dismiss the reinstated charges as time-barred. Simon Filed ATH. Alstory Simon petitioner appeals from a circuit court order denying his petition for a certificate of innocence. Then his contract was not renewed. He contended that DHS terminated him in retaliation for reporting an improper expenditure to an auditor. After a bench trial, Wynn prevailed. The trial court held Wynn proved that his protected activity—reporting an improper payment to the auditor—was a contributing factor in DHS not renewing his contract and terminating him.

DHS argues the trial court erred as i nonrenewal of a fixed-term contract does not amount to unlawful retaliation under the Ethics Act and ii the findings were against the manifest weight of the evidence. Respondent maintains that his progress in treatment, acknowledged by Dr. Gaskell, was sufficient to establish probable cause that he was no longer a SVP.

We disagree. While there is no dispute that respondent had progressed in his therapy, there is also no dispute in the record that he remains a SVP. The evidence readily established that respondent continued to suffer from a mental disorder and that his mental disorder continued to create a substantial probability that he will engage in acts of sexual violence. McFadden, IL , to determine if a different result is warranted.

Spivey, No. For the reasons that follow, we conclude that a different result is warranted. Following a bench trial, defendant Dewayne Brown was convicted of the offense of armed habitual criminal. We do, however, correct the fines, fees, and costs order. After the circuit court entered an order directing the county clerk to issue a tax deed to Alliance Partners, Ltd.

We reverse and remand for further proceedings in accord with this order. We vacate and remand. The defendant argues that his conviction of second degree murder must be vacated because a finding of not guilty verdict of first degree murder precluded a finding that he was guilty of second degree murder.

Also, the State argues that the defendant forfeited this issue on appeal because he failed to make a timely objection or include the issue in his posttrial motion and did not argue plain error. King Filed ATH. Following a bench trial, defendant Lavona King was found guilty of home invasion, residential burglary, aggravated battery, and aggravated unlawful restraint.

On appeal, defendant contends that the trial court failed to conduct an inquiry pursuant to People v. Defendant further contends that certain convictions must be vacated pursuant to the one-act, one-crime rule. Dart Filed ATH. If the Merit Board member was not lawfully appointed to the Merit Board, does the decision of October 30, remain valid or is it rendered void? Fender Filed ATH. Cowart Filed ATH. Following a jury trial, the defendant was convicted of first-degree murder under a theory of accountability. Following a simultaneous bench trial, defendant was also convicted of being an armed habitual criminal AHC.

On appeal, this court reversed both the first-degree murder conviction and the AHC conviction. Our supreme court then issued a supervisory order directing us to reconsider that judgment in light of its decision in People v. We now affirm the defendant's AHC conviction, reverse the defendant's first-degree murder conviction, and remand for resentencing. Richardson Filed ATH. Following a bench trial the defendant was convicted of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon UUWF. We found that in general, visual cues did not have a significant effect on learning outcomes, but for specific cue techniques e.

Based on these results, we discuss how presenters might select visual cues depending on the role of the cues and the visualization type. Mobile self-reports are a popular technique to collect participant labelled data in the wild. While literature has focused on increasing participant compliance to self-report questionnaires, relatively little work has assessed response accuracy. In this paper, we investigate how participant context can affect response accuracy and help identify strategies to improve the accuracy of mobile self-report data.

In a 3-week study we collect over 2, questionnaires containing both verifiable and non-verifiable questions. We find that response accuracy is higher for questionnaires that arrive when the phone is not in ongoing or very recent use. Furthermore, our results show that long completion times are an indicator of a lower accuracy.

We offer actionable recommendations to assist researchers in their future deployments of mobile self-report studies. We present an assistive suitcase system, BBeep, for supporting blind people when walking through crowded environments. BBeep uses pre-emptive sound notifications to help clear a path by alerting both the user and nearby pedestrians about the potential risk of collision.

BBeep triggers notifications by tracking pedestrians, predicting their future position in real-time, and provides sound notifications only when it anticipates a future collision. We investigate how different types and timings of sound affect nearby pedestrian behavior. In our experiments, we found that sound emission timing has a significant impact on nearby pedestrian trajectories when compared to different sound types.

Based on these findings, we performed a real-world user study at an international airport, where blind participants navigated with the suitcase in crowded areas. We observed that the proposed system significantly reduces the number of imminent collisions. In recent years, research has revealed gender biases in numerous software products. But although some researchers have found ways to improve gender participation in specific software projects, general methods focus mainly on detecting gender biases — not fixing them.

To help fill this gap, we investigated whether the GenderMag bias detection method can lead directly to designs with fewer gender biases. In our 3-step investigation, two HCI researchers analyzed an industrial software product using GenderMag; we derived design changes to the product using the biases they found; and ran an empirical study of participants using the original product versus the new version.

Autonomous driving provides new opportunities for the use of time during a car ride. One such important scenario is working. We conducted a neuroergonomical study to compare three configurations of a car interior based on lighting, visual stimulation, sound regarding their potential to support productive work. We assessed participants? Our results show that a configuration with a large-area, bright light with high blue components, and reduced visual and auditory stimuli promote performance, quality, efficiency, increased concentration and lower cognitive workload.

Increased visual and auditory stimulation paired with linear, darker light with very few blue components resulted in lower performance, reduced subjective concentration, and higher cognitive workload, but did not differ from a normal car configuration. Our multi-method approach thus reveals possible car interior configurations for an ideal workspace. To address this problem, we propose sensing techniques that transition between various nuances of mobile and stationary use via postural awareness. These postural nuances include shifting hand grips, varying screen angle and orientation, planting the palm while writing or sketching, and detecting what direction the hands approach from.

To achieve this, our system combines three sensing modalities: 1 raw capacitance touchscreen images, 2 inertial motion, and 3 electric field sensors around the screen bezel for grasp and hand proximity detection. Often Virtual Reality VR experiences are limited by the design of standard controllers. This work aims to liberate a VR developer from these limitations in the physical realm to provide an expressive match to the limitless possibilities in the virtual realm.

VirtualBricks is a LEGO based toolkit that enables construction of a variety of physical-manipulation enabled controllers for VR, by offering a set of feature bricks that emulate as well as extend the capabilities of default controllers. We demonstrate the versatility of our designs through a rich set of applications including re-implementations of artifacts from recent research.

We present CATS, a digital painting system that synthesizes textures from live video in real-time, short-cutting the typical brush- and texture- gathering workflow. Through the use of boundary-aware texture synthesis, CATS produces strokes that are non-repeating and blend smoothly with each other.

This allows CATS to produce paintings that would be difficult to create with traditional art supplies or existing software. We evaluated the effectiveness of CATS by asking artists to integrate the tool into their creative practice for two weeks; their paintings and feedback demonstrate that CATS is an expressive tool which can be used to create richly textured paintings. Full-coverage displays can place visual content anywhere on the interior surfaces of a room e. In these settings, digital artefacts can be located behind the user and out of their field of view — meaning that it can be difficult to notify the user when these artefacts need attention.

Although much research has been carried out on notification, little is known about how best to direct people to the necessary location in room environments. We designed five diverse attention-guiding techniques for full-coverage display rooms, and evaluated them in a study where participants completed search tasks guided by the different techniques. Our study provides new results about notification in full-coverage displays: we showed benefits of persistent visualisations that could be followed all the way to the target and that indicate distance-to-target.

Our findings provide useful information for improving the usability of interactive full-coverage environments. We compared four audio-based radar metaphors for providing directional stimuli to users of AR headsets. The metaphors are clock face, compass, white noise, and scale. Each metaphor, or method, signals the movement of a virtual arm in a radar sweep. In a user study, statistically significant differences were observed for accuracy and response time. Beat-based methods clock face, compass elicited responses biased to the left of the stimulus location, and non-beat-based methods white noise, scale produced responses biased to the right of the stimulus location.

The beat methods were more accurate than the non-beat methods. However, the non-beat methods elicited quicker responses. We also discuss how response accuracy varies along the radar sweep between methods. These observations contribute design insights for non-verbal, non-visual directional prompting. As design thinking shifted away from conventional methods with the rapid adoption of computer-aided design and fabrication technologies, architects have been seeking ways to initiate a comprehensive dialogue between the virtual and the material realms.

Current methodologies do not offer embodied workflows that utilize the feedback obtained through a subsequent transition process between physical and digital design. Therefore, narrowing the separation between these two platforms remains as a research problem. This literature review elaborates the divide between physical and digital design, testing and manufacturing techniques in the morphological process of architectural form. We first review the digital transformation in the architectural design discourse. Then, we proceed by introducing a variety of methods that are integrating digital and physical workflows and suggesting an alternative approach.

Our work unveils that there is a need for empirical research with a focus on integrated approaches to create intuitively embodied experiences for architectural designers. Breastfeeding is not only a public health issue, but also a matter of economic and social justice.

This paper presents an iteration of a participatory design process to create spaces for re-imagining products, services, systems, and policies that support breastfeeding in the United States. Our work contributes to a growing literature around making hackathons more inclusive and accessible, designing participatory processes that center marginalized voices, and incorporating systems- and relationship-based approaches to problem solving.

Key to our re-imagining of conventional innovation structures is a focus on experience design, where joy and play serve as key strategies to help people and institutions build relationships across lines of difference. We conclude with a discussion of design principles applicable not only to designers of events, but to social movement researchers and HCI scholars trying to address oppression through the design of technologies and socio-technical systems.

We introduce Project Sidewalk, a new web-based tool that enables online crowdworkers to remotely label pedestrian-related accessibility problems by virtually walking through city streets in Google Street View. To train, engage, and sustain users, we apply basic game design principles such as interactive onboarding, mission-based tasks, and progress dashboards. In an month deployment study, online users contributed , labels and audited 2, miles of Washington DC streets. We compare behavioral and labeling quality differences between paid crowdworkers and volunteers, investigate the effects of label type, label severity, and majority vote on accuracy, and analyze common labeling errors.

Our findings demonstrate the potential of virtually auditing urban accessibility and highlight tradeoffs between scalability and quality compared to traditional approaches. The sport data tracking systems available today are based on specialized hardware high-definition cameras, speed radars, RFID to detect and track targets on the field. While effective, implementing and maintaining these systems pose a number of challenges, including high cost and need for close human monitoring.

On the other hand, the sports analytics community has been exploring human computation and crowdsourcing in order to produce tracking data that is trustworthy, cheaper and more accessible. However, state-of-the-art methods require a large number of users to perform the annotation, or put too much burden into a single user. We propose HistoryTracker, a methodology that facilitates the creation of tracking data for baseball games by warm-starting the annotation process using a vast collection of historical data.

We show that HistoryTracker helps users to produce tracking data in a fast and reliable way.

David Boies: The Man Who Ate Microsoft | Vanity Fair

Clinical psychology literature indicates that reframing ir- rational thoughts can help bring positive cognitive change to those suffering from mental distress. Through data from an online mental health forum, we study how these cognitive processes play out in peer-to-peer conversations. Using this definition, we propose a predictive model that can identify whether a conversation thread or a post is associated with a moment of cognitive change. Consistent with psychological literature, we find that markers of language associated with sentiment and and affect are the most predictive.

Further, cultural differences play an important role: predictive models trained on one country generalize poorly to others. To understand how a moment of change happens, we build a model that explicitly tracks topic and associated sentiment in a forum thread. We present explorable multiverse analysis reports, a new approach to statistical reporting where readers of research papers can explore alternative analysis options by interacting with the paper itself.

This approach draws from two recent ideas: i multiverse analysis, a philosophy of statistical reporting where paper authors report the outcomes of many different statistical analyses in order to show how fragile or robust their findings are; and ii explorable explanations, narratives that can be read as normal explanations but where the reader can also become active by dynamically changing some elements of the explanation.

Based on five examples and a design space analysis, we show how combining those two ideas can complement existing reporting approaches and constitute a step towards more transparent research papers. Certain video games show promise as tools for training spatial skills, one of the strongest predictors of future success in STEM.

However, little is known about the gaming preferences of those who would benefit the most from such interventions: low spatial skill students. To provide guidance on how to design training games for this population, we conducted a survey of participants from three populations: online college-age, students from a low SES high school, and students from a high SES high school. Participants took a timed test of spatial skills and then answered questions about their demographics, gameplay habits, preferences, and motivations.

The only predictors of spatial skill were gender and population: female participants from online and low SES high school populations had the lowest spatial skill. In light of these findings, we provide design recommendations for game-based spatial skill interventions targeting low spatial skill students. Trust facilitates cooperation and supports positive outcomes in social groups, including member satisfaction, information sharing, and task performance. Here, we build on past work to present a comprehensive framework for predicting trust in groups.

Last, we demonstrate how group trust predicts outcomes at both individual and group level such as the formation of new friendship ties. Visualization tools facilitate exploratory data analysis, but fall short at supporting hypothesis-based reasoning. We conducted an exploratory study to investigate how visualizations might support a concept-driven analysis style, where users can optionally share their hypotheses and conceptual models in natural language, and receive customized plots depicting the fit of their models to the data.

We report on how participants leveraged these unique affordances for visual analysis. We found that a majority of participants articulated meaningful models and predictions, utilizing them as entry points to sensemaking. We contribute an abstract typology representing the types of models participants held and externalized as data expectations. Our findings suggest ways for rearchitecting visual analytics tools to better support hypothesis- and model-based reasoning, in addition to their traditional role in exploratory analysis. We discuss the design implications and reflect on the potential benefits and challenges involved.

We have developed a pictorial multi-item scale, called P-SUS Pictorial System Usability Scale , which aims to measure the perceived usability of mobile devices. A user-centred design process was employed to develop and refine its 10 pictorial items. Psychometric properties convergent validity, criterion-related validity, sensitivity, and reliability , as well as the motivation to fill in the scale were assessed.

The results indicated satisfactory convergent validity for about two-thirds of the items. Furthermore, strong correlations were obtained for the sum scores between verbal and pictorial SUS, and the pictorial scale was perceived as more motivating than the verbal questionnaire. The P-SUS represents a first attempt to provide a pictorial usability scale for the evaluation of mobile devices.

Public commentary related to reality TV can be overwhelmed by thoughtless reactions and negative sentiments, which often problematically reinforce the cultural stereotyping typically employed in such media. Our findings highlight how Screenr supported interrogation of the production qualities and claims of shows, promoted critical discourse around the motivations of programmes, and engaged participants in reflecting on their own assumptions and views.

We situate our results within the context of existing second-screening co-viewing work, discuss implications for such technologies to support critical engagement with socio-political media, and provide design implications for future digital technologies in this domain. Recent hand-held controllers have explored a variety of haptic feedback sensations for users in virtual reality by producing both kinesthetic and cutaneous feedback from virtual objects.

In this paper, we present TORC, a rigid haptic controller that renders virtual object characteristics and behaviors such as texture and compliance. During the interaction, vibrotactile motors produce sensations to each finger that represent the haptic feel of squeezing, shearing or turning an object. Our evaluation showed that using TORC, participants could manipulate virtual objects more precisely e.

HCI4D researchers and practitioners have leveraged voice forums to enable people with literacy, socioeconomic, and connectivity barriers to access, report, and share information. Although voice forums have received impassioned usage from low-income, low-literate, rural, tribal, and disabled communities in diverse HCI4D contexts, the participation of women in these services is almost non-existent.

In this paper, we investigate the reasons for the low participation of women in social media voice forums by examining the use of Sangeet Swara in India and Baang in Pakistan by marginalized women and men. Our mixed-methods approach spanning content analysis of audio posts, quantitative analysis of interactions between users, and qualitative interviews with users indicate gender inequity due to deep-rooted patriarchal values. We found that women on these forums faced systemic discrimination and encountered abusive content, flirts, threats, and harassment.

We discuss design recommendations to create social media voice forums that foster gender equity in use of these services. In HCI, adult concerns about technologies for children have been studied extensively. However, less is known about what children themselves find concerning in everyday technologies. The creepy signals from technology the children described include: deception, lack of control, mimicry, ominous physical appearance, and unpredictability. Children acknowledged trusted adults will mediate the relationship between creepy technology signals and fear responses.

While educational technologies such as MOOCs have helped scale content-based learning, scaling situated learning is still challenging. The time it takes to define a real-world project and to mentor learners is often prohibitive, especially given the limited contributions that novices are able to make.

Related Interests

This paper introduces micro-role hierarchies, a form of coordination that integrates workflows and hierarchies to help short-term novices predictably contribute to complex projects. Individuals contribute through micro-roles, small experiential assignments taking roughly 2 hours. These micro-roles support execution of the desired work process, but also sequence into learning pathways, resulting in a learning dynamic similar to moving up an organizational hierarchy.

We demonstrate micro-role hierarchies through Causeway, a platform for learning web development while building websites for nonprofits. We carry out a proof-of-concept study in which learners built static websites for refugee resettlement agencies in 2 hour long roles. Tapping is an immensely important gesture in mobile touchscreen interfaces, yet people still frequently are required to learn which elements are tappable through trial and error.

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Predicting human behavior for this everyday gesture can help mobile app designers understand an important aspect of the usability of their apps without having to run a user study. In this paper, we present an approach for modeling tappability of mobile interfaces at scale. We conducted large-scale data collection of interface tappability over a rich set of mobile apps using crowdsourcing and computationally investigated a variety of signifiers that people use to distinguish tappable versus not-tappable elements.

Based on the dataset, we developed and trained a deep neural network that predicts how likely a user will perceive an interface element as tappable versus not tappable. Using the trained tappability model, we developed TapShoe, a tool that automatically diagnoses mismatches between the tappability of each element as perceived by a human user—predicted by our model, and the intended or actual tappable state of the element specified by the developer or designer.

Our model achieved reasonable accuracy: mean precision The tappability model and TapShoe were well received by designers via an informal evaluation with 7 professional interaction designers. Navigating source code, an activity common in software development, is time consuming and in need of improvement. We present CodeGazer, a prototype for source code navigation using eye gaze for common navigation functions. Gaze-based navigation is also holding up well in completion time when compared to traditional methods. HCI scholarship is increasingly concerned with the ethical impact of socio-technical systems.

Current theoretically driven approaches that engage with ethics generally prescribe only abstract approaches by which designers might consider values in the design process. However, there is little guidance on methods that promote value discovery, which might lead to more specific examples of relevant values in specific design contexts. We demonstrate the use of this method, called Ethicography, in describing value discovery and use throughout the design process.

We present analysis of design activity by user experience UX design students in two lab protocol conditions, describing specific human values that designers considered for each task, and visualizing the interplay of these values. We identify opportunities for further research, using the Ethicograph method to illustrate value discovery and translation into design solutions. Using qualitative methods, we analyzed problem descriptions to study the security issues users faced and the symptoms that led users to their own diagnoses.

Subsequently, we investigated to what extent and for what types of issues user diagnoses matched those of experts. We found, for example, that users and experts were likely to agree for most issues, but not for attacks e. Our findings inform several user-security improvements, including how to automate interactions with users to resolve issues and to better communicate issues to users.

Many personal informatics systems allow people to collect and manage personal data and reflect more deeply about themselves. However, these tools rarely offer ways to customize how the data is visualized. In this work, we investigate the question of how to enable people to determine the representation of their data. We analyzed the Dear Data project to gain insights into the design elements of personal visualizations.

We developed DataSelfie, a novel system that allows individuals to gather personal data and design custom visuals to represent the collected data. We conducted a user study to evaluate the usability of the system as well as its potential for individual and collaborative sensemaking of the data. Virtual reality VR headsets allow wearers to escape their physical surroundings, immersing themselves in a virtual world. Although escape may not be realistic or acceptable in many everyday situations, air travel is one context where early adoption of VR could be very attractive.

While travelling, passengers are seated in restricted spaces for long durations, reliant on limited seat-back displays or mobile devices. This paper explores the social acceptability and usability of VR for in-flight entertainment. Based on the survey results, we developed a VR in-flight entertainment prototype and evaluated this in a focus group study. Our results discuss methods for improving the acceptability of VR in-flight, including using mixed reality to help users transition between virtual and physical environments and supporting interruption from other co-located people. In video production, inserting B-roll is a widely used technique to enrich the story and make a video more engaging.

However, determining the right content and positions of B-roll and actually inserting it within the main footage can be challenging, and novice producers often struggle to get both timing and content right. We present B-Script, a system that supports B-roll video editing via interactive transcripts. B-Script has a built-in recommendation system trained on expert-annotated data, recommending users B-roll position and content. To evaluate the system, we conducted a within-subject user study with participants, and compared three interface variations: a timeline-based editor, a transcript-based editor, and a transcript-based editor with recommendations.

Users found it easier and were faster to insert B-roll using the transcript-based interface, and they created more engaging videos when recommendations were provided. Dynamic elements of the drawing process e. Using our probe, we conducted studies with artists and art viewers, which reveal digital and physical representations of creative process as a means of reflecting on a multitude of factors about the finished artwork, including technique, style, and the emotions of the artists. We conclude by discussing future directions for HCI systems that sense and visualize aspects of the creative process in digitally-mediated arts, as well as the social considerations of sharing and curating intimate process information.

Although early interventions can provide significant benefits, PD diagnosis is often delayed due to both the mildness of early signs and the high requirements imposed by traditional screening and diagnosis methods. We investigate four types of common gestures, including flick, drag, pinch, and handwriting gestures, and propose a set of features to capture PD motor signs.

Through a subject 35 early PD subjects and 67 age-matched controls study, our approach achieved an AUC of 0. Our work constitutes an important step towards unobtrusive, implicit, and convenient early PD detection from routine smartphone interactions. There is a growing body of literature in HCI examining the intersection between policymaking and technology research.

However, what it means to engage in policymaking in our field, or the ways in which evidence from HCI studies is translated into policy, is not well understood. We report on interviews with 11 participants working at the intersection of technology research and policymaking. Analysis of this data highlights how evidence is understood and made sense of in policymaking processes, what forms of evidence are privileged over others, and the work that researchers engage in to meaningfully communicate their work to policymaking audiences.

We discuss how our findings pose challenges for certain traditions of research in HCI, yet also open up new policy opportunities for those engaging in more speculative research practices. We conclude by discussing three ways forward that the HCI community can explore to increase engagement with policymaking contexts. Returning citizens formerly incarcerated individuals face great challenges finding employment, and these are exacerbated by the need for digital literacy in modern job search. Through 23 semi-structured interviews and a pilot digital literacy course with returning citizens in the Greater Detroit area, we explore tactics and needs with respect to job search and digital technology.

Returning citizens exhibit great diversity, but overall, we find our participants to have striking gaps in digital literacy upon release, even as they are quickly introduced to smartphones by friends and family. They tend to have employable skills and ability to use offline social networks to find opportunities, but have little understanding of formal job search processes, online or offline. They mostly mirror mainstream use of mobile technology, but they have various reasons to avoid social media.

These and other findings lead to recommendations for digital literacy programs for returning citizens. To this end, we conducted a 2 platform: web vs. We found that the participants in the chatbot survey, as compared to those in the web survey, were more likely to produce differentiated responses and were less likely to satisfice; the chatbot survey thus resulted in higher-quality data.

Moreover, when a casual conversational style is used, the participants were less likely to satisfice-although such effects were only found in the chatbot condition. These results imply that conversational interactivity occurs when a chat interface is accompanied by messages with effective tone. In this study, we prototype and examine a system that allows a user to manipulate a 3D virtual object with multiple fingers without wearing any device.

An autostereoscopic display produces a 3D image and a depth sensor measures the movement of the fingers. When a user touches a virtual object, haptic feedback is provided by ultrasound phased arrays. By estimating the cross section of the finger in contact with the virtual object and by creating a force pattern around it, it is possible for the user to recognize the position of the surface relative to the finger.

To evaluate our system, we conducted two experiments to show that the proposed feedback method is effective in recognizing the object surface and thereby enables the user to grasp the object quickly without seeing it. Consequently, existing applications and evaluations often lack in focus on attractiveness and effectiveness, which should be addressed on the levels of body, controller, and game scenario following a holistic design approach. To contribute to this topic and as a proof-of-concept, we designed the ExerCube, an adaptive fitness game setup.

Regarding flow, enjoyment and motivation, the ExerCube is on par with personal training. Results further reveal differences in perception of exertion, types and quality of movement, social factors, feedback, and audio experiences. Finally, we derive considerations for future research and development directions in holistic fitness game setups.

Addressing digital security and privacy issues can be particularly difficult for users who face challenging circumstances. We performed semi-structured interviews with residents and staff at 4 transitional homeless shelters in the U. Based on these interviews, we outline four tough times themes — challenges experienced by our financially insecure participants that impacted their digital security and privacy — which included: 1 limited financial resources, 2 limited access to reliable devices and Internet, 3 untrusted relationships, and 4 ongoing stress.

We provide examples of how each theme impacts digital security and privacy practices and needs. We then use these themes to provide a framework outlining opportunities for technology creators to better support users facing security and privacy challenges related to financial insecurity. How does the presence of an audience influence the social interaction with a conversational system in a physical space?

To answer this question, we analyzed data from an art exhibit where visitors interacted in natural language with three chatbots representing characters from a book. We performed two studies to explore the influence of audiences. In Study 2, we analyzed over 5, conversation logs and video recordings, identifying dialogue patterns and how they correlated with the audience conditions. Some significant effects were found, suggesting that conversational systems in physical spaces should be designed based on whether other people observe the user or not. Reflecting on their performance during classroom-teaching is an important competence for teachers.

Such reflection-in-action RiA enables them to optimize teaching on the spot. Data scientists are responsible for the analysis decisions they make, but it is hard for them to track the process by which they achieved a result. Even when data scientists keep logs, it is onerous to make sense of the resulting large number of history records full of overlapping variants of code, output, plots, etc. We developed algorithmic and visualization techniques for notebook code environments to help data scientists forage for information in their history.

The quantitative results suggest promising aspects of our design, while qualitative results motivated a number of design improvements. The resulting system, called Verdant, is released as an open-source extension for JupyterLab. The privacy guaranteed by secure messaging applications relies on users completing an authentication ceremony to verify they are using the proper encryption keys.

The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos The Case of the Stopped Clock: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos

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